The easiest way to detect a lie is to ask the liar to repeat himself or herself. The first narrative will be different from the second and the second and first different from the third. That was the case of a story cooked up by some miscreants about Otobong Effiong Bob, Esq. and the issue of mbiam with regard to his aspiration.

One narrative said the chapter chairman of the PDP in Nsit Ubium was the first to swear to the oath. Another one said it was the PDP Ward Chairman for Ubium South 3. And yet another version said the Commissioner for Lands and Town Planning was at the venue. As if those were not enough, they said in another breath that details were loading.

It would have been fair for us to leave it at that and ask the reading public to judge for themselves. But in these political times, most things need explaining.
1. They said the incident took place in the village in Nsit Ubium. The Honourable Commissioner never left Uyo the whole of yesterday April 26, 2018 except when he went to Ukanafun for a friend’s traditional marriage. In fact since after the Nsit Ubium Free Medical Mission in early March, 2018, he has not gone home. And in any case, why would the Honourable Commissioner call a meeting in someone else’s house.

2. The PDP Chapter Chairman for Nsit Ubium was busy attending to other party matters and is not a member of the ward they made reference to.

3. We are not aware of any Nsobom Ikopo who is a Ward Chairman in the whole of Nsit Ubium.

4. Neither Otobong Effiong Bob Esq nor Senator Effiong Bob, FCIArb is from Ubium South 3. They do not reside in the state and have no knowledge of what the writers of the story are insinuating.

More importantly, Otobong Effiong Bob Esq. has no reason to administer mbiam on anybody. The reason is that he has consulted widely and his acceptability is overwhelming – amongst the youth, the women and the elders. One does not need diabolical means to win the hearts of the people. His intelligence, exposure, educational attainment and Christian upbringing stand him out of the miscreants and the mediocre.

More than all these Otobong Effiong Bob Esq. has been raised on very high and sound Christian values and principles and so cannot deviate from such path. The idea of mbiam or any diabolical act is an anathema to him.

It is possible that those who brought forth the story have diabolical tendencies. Nsit Ubium people should see them as such and veer away from them.

Perhaps, the sponsors of the mbiam story having found themselves rejected by the people of Nsit Ubium and having failed in their previous attempts are activating this latest effort. They have failed before and failure will continue to dog their path.

We do know that the good people of Nsit Ubium have since made their choice for the Nsit Ubium State Constituency seat come 2019, therefore no blackmail, campaign of calumny or character assassination will change their minds. However, we have to urge the people of Nsit Ubium to remain steadfast and disregard the antics of desperate political jobbers.

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