Watch it Abba Kyari, the gods don’t smile

Watch it Abba Kyari, the gods don’t smile

I have never believed that Nigeria have a Super Cop yet and may never have. The only one close to that was the ASP who caught Lawrence Anini when Commissioners of Police were resigning due to their inability to catch the dreaded criminal. His era ended mini Super Cops in Nigeria.

Recently, we have seen Abba Kyari, a Deputy Commissioner of Police (Promoted thrice in less than two years to become so), who has been famed to bust Evans the billionaire kidnapper. In Nigeria, we celebrate mediocrity. We celebrate even the most ordinary and mundane.

Any Police formation worth it’s salt won’t take less than a week to arrest Evans but this is Nigeria where the arrest of ordinary Evans made news, simply because we have ill equipped police officers, willing and ready to work but with nothing to do the work with. The most effective unit in the police is the IGP Intelligent Response Squad (IGP IRT) which is where Abba Kyari heads. It’s no surprise then that Evans and his likes were arrested by him.

Abba Kyari posts pictures of ‘exploits’ on his facebook page, where he has become a social media sensation, with applause from Nigerians.

But everything should have a limit.

Abba Kyari is taking this social media act to far, far beyond professionalism. It’s pure theatric to post actions of his team and location on facebook. Is he alerting the Fulani herdsmen to run away before they get there? The intrigue about crime busting is element of surprise. As it is, there’s no surprise anymore about the arrest that will be made, that’s if it ever happens, since he has alerted his enemies on the need to run before he gets them.

Someone close to him should tell him to shut his social media handles for now and go on break, while truly becoming the Super Cop he earnestly seeks to become. The social media made him and can in one fell swoop mar him if he continues like this. Just anyone who heads the IGP IRT will do all he does and shouldn’t be seen as one Commando that interests Nigerians.

Police work is not Nollywood or attention seeking but behind the scene work. We do not get to know the actions of real crime busted. We do not know till date how the SEAL captured Osama Bin Laden but in Nigeria, we have idea of how almost every criminal has been arrested.

The media show of the IRT should end immediately and continue their work behind the scene. No one will head that place for a lifetime.

Even forever is not ever.

© F.O (God’s Pen of Morality)


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