………another attempt to blackmail Udofia uncovered


The African political scene is inundated with ugly schemes of blackmail concocted by persons disappointed by the inefficiency of their efforts to whip sentiments towards themselves.When will Africa and the black race in general emancipate itself from this backward trend.

Over the last couple of days, social media has been awash with a laughable story that Rt.Hon. Victor Udofia administered a traditional oath (Mbiam) to Deputy Ward Chairmen, secretaries and Youth Leaders in Ikono/Ini through his Uncle who happens to be the Paramount Ruler of Ikono to lend their support to him as regards the Ikono/Ini House of Reps seat.

At the risk of dignifying this baseless story with a response, we state thus for the sake of the undiscerning. This is a well cooked up and fallacious story attempting to discredit the massively accepted Lawmaker who has thoroughly traversed the length and breadth of Ikono/Ini soliciting for support backed up with concrete actions to show his seriousness. The assault is also launched at the person of the Paramount Ruler of Ikono, Edidem Nyong Obop who is known to be an upright man with proven track record of Integrity. Obop has distinguished himself overtime as an unbiased umpire in matters affecting Ikono and has bluntly refused to meddle in politics rather choosing to advice, counsel and pray for his subjects who seek elective positions. Concerned Citizens of Ikono consider it a grave insult on the traditional stool for this agents of mischief to drag the hallowed Royal Father into such mess by claiming the oath (Mbiam) was administered by him somewhere at Abak road behind the State Secretariat.

It is worthy of note that Victor Udofia had contested and resoundingly won elections in Ikono on two occasions without Mbiam and has no record of patronising such.

In the build up to the 2019 House of Reps polls, Rt. Hon Victor is THE ONLY aspirant that has gone to all the nooks and crannies of Ikono/Ini Federal Constituency to consult all statutory and non statutory delegates and 80% have pledged their support for his aspiration. This can be said to be the highest “mbiam” anyone can administer. Therefore it is not strange to see other intimidated contenders for the office who have done a whole lot less or nothing at all in this regard resorting to slander and libel. One has even refused to consult stakeholders claiming his return ticket is guaranteed.

The assembly man took turns to consult all the Chairmen and stakeholders of all the Wards in Ikono/Ini and these has earned him massive respect, goodwill and solidarity as the people stand in awe of the weight of his consultative efforts.

If this story is true as speculated, concerned Citizens of Ikono raise the following concerns and questions

1. When did the Supreme Traditional Ruler of Ikono who Victor highly reveres become a tool in the hand of politicians to warrant this level of insult?

2. Why is the name of the Traditional Ruler and the stakeholders (both those who swore and those who escaped according to report) in question not known or published for all to see?. Was the oath administered and taken in space?

3. Why was the Traditional Ruler of Ikono who happens to be the Uncle of the lawmaker the machinery alleged to have been used and not someone else. Something is fishy here!!!

Concerned Citizens of Ikono hereby dares anyone alleged to have been given the said traditional oath (Mbiam) to justify their conscience, come to light and publicly validate their claims or risk the wrath of God who detests lies and false witness and strongly condemns it in his holy book. This dastardly act of cheap blackmail, mudslinging and character assassination on Rt.Hon.Victor Udofia, a desperate attempt by opponents to score political points is strongly frowned at.

The undiscerning public is urged to disregard such stories as the Lawmaker has not and will never employ intimidation tactics to garner support for himself. He is a performer who remains committed to the course of Ikono and will never be distracted by naysayers. Suffice it to say that Victor Udofia is a core supporter and loyalist of His Excellency the Governor and will not do anything contrary to his directives as the Leader of the party in the State.

If you can’t beat Victor Udofia, join him instead of fighting hard to bring him down. Its only ripe mangoes that attract the wrath of stones

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