Ukanafun/Orukanam 2019 Series (Episdoe1)



By Ubong Sampson

It is clear that the immediate past administration of Godswill Akpabio had picked firsthand, the reality of the generational shift where it concerns leadership. Little wonder its seeming focus on engaging younger hands and brains in governance and even assigning to them sensitive roles.

As efforts in consolidation, the present administration, predictably with a pre-knowledge that engaging the younger sets of the state’s indigenes (mainly those with the requisite skills and technical acumen) is one of the fastest ways of growing the economy of the state, and by possible extension, the nation at large, built on the structures of this discovery by engaging more hands from the younger stock – perhaps, the secret behind the rapid process taken towards repositioning the state which has led to its assuming the rare position it currently sits on – as one of the states in the country with a passion driven desire and result-showing efforts towards a swift transition from less–impressive state of economic independence, to a dignified and lofty economic position that will attract both national and global attention.

Aside involving much of the brains and labouring hands of those from the younger generation in governance, especially such in a democratic setting like that of Nigeria, the agitation has always been that the professionals (pros in short) be made the PROs, though this rarely works in the political setting. Be that as it may, this agitation has always been a point of contention between two sects- the stakeholders and the commoners; and it has always been so because during the process of selecting candidates for various political offices, while the stakeholders will scramble for anyone who will protect their stakes, the commoners will be on the opposing side, throwing their weight behind whoever they feel will not cease feeling their pulse and understanding their plights when he eventually succeeds and assumes office.

As the 2019 general election approaches, the choice making process for Ukanafun/Orukanam people seems to be less indecisive as times draw nearer. Outstanding among all interests is a Ndianabasi Udom, whose aspiration is arguably the most accepted. Yet to serve in any public office, but from his career report, he is one of the known young professionals with deep proficiency and technical wit which the government in the state is yet to fully tap from. Albeit, he has been contributing his best from his private sector corner.

Nana Udom, as he is commonly known among social media followers is an active social media user with a wide social media fan base which I am very sure. Udom happens to make up part of the positive sides of my social media usage. Before our contact offline, my initial impression of him was that of a young banker who had begun counting his success steps up the career ladder. His regular photo update on the other hand impressed on me a responsible married man who was not only enjoying the blessing and bliss of early marriage, but effortful-ly laying structures that will sustain the bliss till the retiring days. However, a deeper inquiry into the life that has shaped him into his present mold revealed more than my imaginations could conceive.

Udom began his career debut at Wema Bank where he was deployed for national assignment as a youth corp member. Speedily learning the ropes, Udom apparently encountered no glitch in his takeoff days, while his employability sooner turned him to a sauce on the meal table of employers, having possessed more than enough of the qualities in their desire lists. His trial days was full of capacity proofs, consequently earning him a chance to serve one of Nigeria’s leading commercial banks (Zenith), playing critical roles such as controlling and administering the vault, executing the orders of the management at cash buying and selling business tables with other banks, supervising the tellers, as well as equaling vault figure balances with the vault proof, among several others, before joining the marketing unit where he served until he parted ways with the bank for good.

Moving to a renowned global bank in the African continent (the UBA) some five years back, the task here was to prove his grasp of the marketing business as it concerns banking. Hence, like a new term-in-office seeking politician, Udom’s major task was just to consolidate on the marketing experience he gained in the ending days with his previous employer, that which saw him through the execution of several tasks, as assigned to the various positions he has held in the bank till date, some of which include: selling the image of the bank, representing the bank at interfacing points with customers, maintaining deposit credit ratio in sound condition and increase profit of the bank, presenting budgets, new business development plus helping the bank achieve certain other set agenda, readily in mind being the project alpha initiative of the bank.

How does this banking experience make Udom a good parliamentarian and a candidate to be most preferred for the Ukanafun/Orukanam Federal Constituency job? This is the most predictable question in the mind who happens on this piece. And for a response, another mind might consider as most suitable for an answer will be the words of Abraham Lincoln that “when a man excels in his chosen profession, he should be given public office, not as compensation, but as reward for excellence”. However, I take a different stance on this, perhaps because if it was safe to present public office as reward for an excellent professional in America, it is certainly the opposite (dangerous) to do same here in Nigeria. Udom’s career success in the bank halls can be traced to some factors that cannot be fluky. Opportunity must have met preparedness somewhere at the start, hence the career ride that has appeared less furrowed.

“Like Aristotle had posited, we are what we repeatedly do, because excellence is not an act, but a habit”, Udom’s habit of preparedness has made him fitting into every opportunity that avails; hence, his habitual excellence. With this, one can easily predict what will become of the federal constituency he seeks to represent, especially with the preparedness of identifying the problems and challenges of the constituency which has reflected conspicuously in his set goals. This, going forward, simply means that Ukanafun/Orukanam are already sure that if Udom is eventually favoured with the opportunity at their discretion, such opportunity will have set goals and vision awaiting it at arrival point. This is what guarantees a hitch-free takeoff.

Ending, one of the major challenges identified as facing the constituency is a resounding voice and the lack of it, to market the constituency in the national scene, in pursuit of its interests. Now the chief marketer is here to take the area to the market, and all I am saying to Ukanafun/Orukanam people is: let the pro be the PRO.

Ubong Sampson (08021429939) is a Public Affairs Analyst.





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