By Tunde Balogun

If the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo knew what his guest, the American entrepreneur and philanthropist, Bill Gates, was up to, he may not have invited him to the last week’s National Economic Council meeting.

Constitutionally, the NEC’s membership is limited to the Vice President, 36 states’ governors and the CBN governor. However Yemi Osinbajo had a different idea and a novel one for that matter: EXPANDED NATIONAL ECONOMIC COUNCIL (ENEC).

For his ENEC, Yemi extended invitation to the business Mogul, Aliko Dangote and Mr.Bill Gates. The legality of such invitation was lost on our highly erudite Professor of Law.. Yemi shall not bother with such constitutional niceties and all that was on his mind was how to get Bill Gates come pay obeisance to our Emperor, the Alaafin of Aso Rock, the Grand Emir of Fulani Caliphate of Nigeria, the Mahdi of Anticorruption, his excellency and eminence Muhamadu Buhari!

Yemi is desperate. Even President Buhari has no business attending NEC according to the 1999 constitution. But he was invited to chair the special occasion. Yemi osinbajo, an astute power player who knows how to use the technocratic credentials to serve the glory of masters that are not half as smart as his Phd students in the law department. Yemi wanted his master, Buhari to shine better than him. He wanted Buhari to look better than all his predescessors. In the week before the ENEC meeting, Yemi was in the media destroying the already battered image of President Jonathan for the sake of burnishing the graven image of Buhari. Yemi has been in the corridors of power since 1985 when he was the special assistant to Bola Ajibola, Babangida’s Attorney General. Incidentally he gave out his daughter to the son of Bola Shagaya, another astute power player who had been using the first lady wing of the Presidency since 1985 also. Later Yemi Osinbajo’s erudition would be deployed in the service of another person who lied about attending Government College Ibadan for secondary school and University of Chicago for his degree between 1999 and 2007. Today Professor is hawking is erudition and law Professorhip to serve a stark illiterate and he is doing the job with joy. But this is no big deal, his father in law once used his erudition, intelligence and law to serve a 31 year old Lt. colonel who could start his degree programme only after he was booted out office in 1975.

They always claim to be serving the country.
So everything was put together for the grand meeting. The objective to adore Buhari. Buhari was present and he was filled with all blessedness as he shook hands with Mr. Gates. He made a mental note to personally thank Yemi for bringing the American to him.

The last time that Yemi performed this type of feat was when Zuckerberg, the facebook founder, visited. Zuckerberg’s itinerary did not include Aso rock. He did not check on Ambode at Marina. He went straight to Yaba and tried jollof rice with ordinary Nigerians. And he left the country just like that!

What an insult on the local champions of Nigeria. Yemi Osinbajo quickly swung into action. A delegation was despatched swiftly to Nairobi to catch up with Zuckerberg. “You must come back and snap photo graph with the Emperor of Nigeria” and so he was brought back to Abuja to shake hands with the Messiah of the beguiled Federation.

Bill gates was in Nigeria to look at the work he has been doing on the Polio patients in northern Nigeria. He was also here to attend the wedding ceremony of the daughter of his friend, Aliko Dangote. That was the moment Yemi Osinbajo grabbed to bring Mr. Gates to pay obeisance to Alaafin Buhari. Little did he know that Americans carry guns specifically for shooting kings and other pretenders. Mr. Gates held Buhari and the Nigerian elite in contempt. He told them the home truth: Your government’s policies is not geared to serving the needs of the people, he told his dazed and shocked audience. Yemi wanted to cry.

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