“The Devil is Happy”

“The Devil is Happy”

By Dopse Eberefiak

In recent times, the have been a disappointing downward spiral of our moral standards in our Christendom. Our various newspapers headlines have revealed it all. Each day we read different stories and watch embarrassing clips of pastors caught in sex act. A click on the net the videos are endless. Some even perform the bedtime act with same gender and church members. We all know them by their names and churches.

The disturbing aspect of it, there is no repentance on their faces, actions and inactions. They live in their sins. And in their shame, they shamelessly blame the devil for their short and long comings. However, the truth is, these men of God and the rest of us -saints- have lost connections with the sanity that exists in the Christendom. And indeed, the devil is happy.

Those who have not been caught in their sex escapades, or probably are yet to find their lovebirds have even made the devil more happier as they constantly abuse and misinterprete the word of God. No doubt their messages will sound authentic but it has no biblical authority. It is a sad commentary. They are more like wolve in sheep clothing.

Some have turned the church into a business empire. They preach what brings lucre to the box. At will and at ease, they churned out false prophesies that keeps the box filled to its brim. While giving out one hand to their victims, the other hand is in their pockets. If you’re a true believer, you would understand the devil is happy because he knows these backslidden pastors have nothing to do with Lord Jesus Christ except to take his name in vain.

The devil is happy because the church has failed. These men of God who were supposed to be the guiding light to God’s children have failed. Their divine obligation which was to gather the flocks and prepare them for the next coming of the Lord has been immensely flawed. The devil must indeed be very happy.
Imagine reputable men of God buying Corpses Water to perform miracles in churches. Obviously, the devil must be a happy fellow. Hard as it is to believe, I leave you with the excerpts of the story as reported on social media by Yen Gh.
“Dead body water, according to a mortuary attendant , is being purchased by some pastors in the country for as much as N500,000. In a report by Yen Gh, the female mortuary worker was seen in a video while speaking in an interview with Accra-based Atinka FM, where she narrated how the water was in high demand. We sell dead body water to pastors for N500,000 – Mortuary worker.
According to the lady whose identity was hidden, the pastors pay as much as GH₵7,000, for the water, and sometimes they even have shortage. She explained that some family members prefer to have their corpses bathed at the mortuary, and this is the water that the pastors come to buy. She said when the floor is mopped, the cleaners squeeze the dirty water out and keep it in bottles which the pastors come for in disguise.
Describing it as a ‘side job’, the mortuary worker confessed to be doing this business in order to earn more money, explaining that the work in itself does not fetch them much. “Even at this our job we don’t get much from it. But with this, sometimes we can’t even meet up with the demand from the pastors. We most of the time run out of water”
She, however, did not mention the names of the pastors and the churches, perhaps, for fear of being victimised. “The pastors buy the water, it is in high demand. When the cleaners mop the floor after a corpse is bathed, they squeeze the dirty water into containers which the pastors come to buy,” the lady narrated. The water is being used by the pastors who patronise it to perform miracles in their churches.“Most of these pastors use the water to perform miracles for members of their church” she said.

While I would acknowledged that they are still but a few who serve the Lord in truth and in faith, I must quickly warned that not all men of God should be trusted. Even the bible, which is the greatest book of all books, stated in Romans 3:4 that man can’t be trusted. “let it be but let God be true and everyman a liar, as it is written ‘ that you might be justified in your sayings and will overcome when you are judged.

Though the devil may be happy but we must not let him win the battle. we must first not relent efforts in praying to God to give us the strength and wisdom to rebuked, disgrace and dislodge the strong holds of these men of God and salvage the Christendom from their devilish whips. Above all, we must daily say a prayer of forgiveness, and commit the Christendom into God’s hand so as to win this battle.

Dopse Eberefiak writes in from Greenwood, NS, Canada

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