Stop seizing People’s Land, Constituent tell Sen. Bassey Albert

Mr. Otobong Sampson has taken to his Facebook timeline to expressed the ugly behavior of Sen. Bassey Albert Akpan of Akwa Ibom State.



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“Attn: @⁨ Senator Bassey Albert (OBA)

It is the height of insentivity two years after, to still go about grabbing people’s land at Ifa Ikot Akpan, Uyo, in heartless conspiracy with the village head of that community where your constituency office is erected.

This is two years after you, alongside Ekere Afia and using UCCDA, facilitated criminal demolition of people’s property on a section of that land legitimately acquired by young men through their sweat. It is instructive that at the period of demolition, the case was in court. Those property destroyed were collectively worth about a hundred million naira.

I, OTOBONG SAMPSON, was a victim of that crude and oppressive act of yours. I lost my property worth about 10million which was nearing completion stage. When I met you three months after that demolition, I showed you pictorial and video evidence of my property when you requested for it. You instead, chose to offer the community chief series of bribes to side you on the land tussle rather than ameliorate the pains of the victims.

Why you still go about seizing people’s land two years with active connivance of the village head is hard to understand.

This is to bring to your notice that one of the victims whose extra land he had sold out to fund the legal costs of the demolition case and which same land you have just cornered again and fenced round with the backing of the chief is on the verge of committing suicide because the man he sold the land to is on his neck.

We won’t be able to match you financially in the legal battle but be rest assured that there’s the LAW OF INEVITABLE RETRIBUTION.

If the guy eventually takes his life on account this, divine justice shall surely come into effect.

My name is Otobong Sampson”.


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