Samuel Ikon And The Legislative Business Of The National Assembly

Samuel Ikon And The Legislative Business Of The National Assembly

The Member Representing Etinan Federal Constituency, Rt. Hon. Samuel Ikon, has a high sense of sagacity in legislative business, from when he was elected to represent the good people of Etinan State Constituency in the Akwa Ibom state House of Assembly, up to the green chamber of the national Assembly, where it is widely acknowledged that he has performed creditably well by his constituents.

As the voice of the Etinan federal Constituency at green chamber of the National Assembly,the lawmaker has duly and diligently carried out the three duties of a lawmaker, which are Lawmaking,Representation and oversight. This is evidence in the number motions,bills, he has moved,sponsor,cosponsor,as well as the empowerment programmes he has delivered to his people as their representative.

On March 14th,2017, the effective representative of the people,as part of his legislative function,presented before the national assembly, a report of the committee on inter parliamentary relation Assembly of the parliamentary Union. The 135th Assembly held in Geneva Switzerland from 23rd to 27 October 2016,was well attended. Nigeria attended all the standing committees on peace and sustainable development. The delegation was led by the senate president.

Ikon,as a first time member in the national Assembly decided to put his legislative experience into action,by ensuring that his voice is heard when serious matter of public interest is to be considered, for urgent attention. On May 18th,2017,he moved a motion on reconsideration of outstanding bill from the preceding assembly, which were not attended to accordingly.

The motion moved by the lawmaker was for certain bills that were circulated to be considered,like the federal capital territory kidnapping and hostage taking and to be communicated to the appropriate committed for deliberations,aimed at finding a solution to all matters therein.

” I wish to move for consideration outstanding bills in the preceding Assembly,order 12 rule 16 of outstanding orders. Director of technical cooperation in Africa ,new partnership for Africa development commission and federal capital territory kidnapping and hostage taking. The house note that pursuant to order 12,rule 16 of the standing order of the house, bills passed by the preceding Assembly and forwarded to the senate for concurrence ,for which no concurrence was made on negative or passed by the National Assembly and forwarded to the President for assent,for which assent of withholding thereof was not communicated before the end of the tenure of Assembly, the house may resolve that such bills upon being regecetted ,or clean copies circulated be considered in the committee of the whole without being commenced denovo”

Rt. Hon. Samuel Ikon, on November 16th,moved a motion on non release of NEEDS assessment intervention fund for the public universities to address the challenges faced by public universities, which usually results in strikes and other activities that stall learning processes in universities. The motion among other things came with a view to consider the general needs of those universities,and call for a revitalization of public universities,thereby making learning for school students exciting.

” Mr speaker, the House recalls that between December 2011 and January 2012 ,academic activities in public universities were suspended owing to the non implementation of 2009 agreement between the Federal government and the academic staff Union of universities. The House is aware that in a bid to nib in the board a reoccurrence, the federal government set up a committee on national economic empowerment and development strategy ( NEEDS). Assessment of public universities with a view to carefully
considering specific and general needs of those universities” Ikon

As a result of the motion,certain matters were brought into considerations, for the funds so releases by the federal government for the purpose be used adequately,because the legislature owes the people a duty to effectively represent them and speak for their concerns. Ikon,has deliberated on matters and proffer solutions to several concerns in different committees in the National Assembly, like the committee on Financial Crimes and others.

Another bill that the erudite lawmaker drop his thought,was on February 14,2018,when he moved a motion on a bill for an act to amend the Nigerian press council act 2004 to be read for a second time,which was well applauded by the House and thereafter referred to the House committee on information and National Orientation, Ethics and Values for deliberation.

” I hereby move that a bill for an act to amend the Nigerian press council act chapter N128 laws of the federation of Nigeria 2004 and for related matters be read a second time,I so move ” Ikon.

On the need for Abuja to have the necessary legislative backings to generate it revenue and compete with other cities around the world,a bill for the establishment of the FCT metropolitan management council was brought before the National Assembly for consideration.

Rt. Hon. Samuel ,on May 31,2017 ,spoke in support of the bill and called his colleague to support the bill ” However I want it to be noted that Abuja is the focal point that forms the impression of our country to any visitor that comes and such the need for it hold a model city image ,not just for Africa but for the world at large. It is therefore partly a need to ensure that this council is strengthen,because of the increasing demand of municipal services due to the increasing population of our Abuja” Ikon noted.

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