Revealed: A’Ibom Notorious Blackmailer



By Ofonime Honesty

He slays hard earned reputations. He misuses social media for blackmail. He lives a life anchored on fallacy. Now, his chronic pettiness has plunged nadir. Welcome to the vainglorious world of Michael Joseph Okon, a social media thug who hails from Ituk Mbang community in Uruan Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State.

I use time wisely; I initially thought unwise to write about the antics of a propagandist whose sands of falsehood are fast sinking. I thought my writeup would dignify this mobile statue of idiocy. However, items on my itinerary can wait; I must have time for Michael today.

Any sane person could find it difficult to fathom why such a full-grown man has become a pathetic case study. Well, Ituk Mbang people must have offered germane clues to his wild disposition: they posited that he is under a yoke of generational curse. He should desist from blackmailing people’s fathers lest I narrate a story of yore centering on demolition of a church in Ituk Mbang and the resulting consequence of madness streak. On that, I beg to pause for sake of decency but if he raises voice, I would narrate the story with infallible evidence. I grew up to hear that he who lives in glass house must avoid throwing stones.

After being rusticated from the University of Calabar because of his evil ways, he showed signs of remorse and was pitied by some individuals who volunteered to give him a source of livelihood. In no time, he turned around to bite the fingers that fed him. Promptly, he was abandoned. Like a dog without an owner, he roamed hopelessly.

Luck smiled on him when a former Council Chairman of Uruan, Dr. Eventus Edem, brought him back from Calabar and appointed him as Personal Aide. Dr. Edem, in no distant time, decried how Michael literally stabbed him on the back with vicious blackmail. He was fired!

His community, saddened by his plight, decided to facilitate his employment in a construction firm, HAMMAKOPP CONSORTIUM. He earned good pay at HAMMAKOPP. However, like a leopard that never changes its spots, Michael, using pseudonyms, masterminded fictitious and damaging reports against the company. He used the avenue to milk the company of funds. When the company managed to unmask him, a sack letter followed accordingly. When an employee is fired by different employers in quick succession, it speaks volumes of the person’s questionable character.

Well, Michael had other ideas. He decided to venture into fulltime blackmail. His targets became politicians. He spews threats at them: some succumb; others rebuff. Those who rebuff him are instantly blackmailed while those who bow to his antics are praised to high heavens but later blackmailed when payment ceases.

His victims are uncountable: Umana Umana, Nsima Ekere, Etekamba Umoren, Aniekan Bassey, KufreAbasi Etuk, Eventus Edem, elders of Uruan, journalists, and others. Needless to reel the sad experiences of the aforementioned persons.

Even his latest paymaster, Hon. Tony Akan, who is aspiring for the House of Assembly, was once his victim. With Michael Joseph Okon, Tony Akan’s dream of becoming a House of Assembly member is becoming illusory. Michael has nothing to offer and would fling Tony Akan away within split seconds once he finds a new paymaster. He is a nomadic blackmailer.

He has used proceeds of his blackmailing career to establish an ailing nursery school in his village. Poor management decisions and failure to cater for staff welfare have led to the ill health of the school. The population of the school is at its lowest ebb. Only reckless parents can send their kids to a school run by him. A ‘school’ where one ‘teacher’ teaches four classes, is that one really a school?

He issues threats with reckless abandon. He evokes a false sense of fear. He slings mud with reckless abandon. He mistakenly adjudges people’s pedigree. Perhaps, buoyed by such histrionics, he decided to fire a fallacy-laden missile by alleging that yours truly is on a mission to misinform the people of Uruan and castigate Governor Udom Emmanuel. He went on to label me ‘a member of the APC media team’, dug up a post I penned in 2016 elucidating the antecedents of Hon. Aniekan Bassey and cast aspersions on same.

Michael’s agenda is in sync with his paymaster, Hon Tony Akan – both loathe Hon. Aniekan Bassey for his refusal to back down from his principles and higher vision. Their ultimate goal is to ambush Aniekan Bassey and sacrifice him to the
dead-on-arrival dream of Tony Akan.

I find it unnecessary to lecture this veteran propagandist on the antecedents of the man representing him in the House of Assembly. A hunting dog destined to be lost does not hear the whistle of his master. Nobody can successfully teach a pig how to fly.

Micheal Joseph Okon is a plague in the social media space. Forget the tag of ‘Pastor’ which he self-proclaims, this Uruan son is treading the path of infamy. Should he be allowed to self-destruct? That’s a mind-boggling question! I rather suggest that any attempt to change his ways has to be self-induced.

*To be continued*

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