Tasks AKSG, Youth on Improved Governance and Productivity

A social development group in Akwa Ibom State, De Joseph Society, has announced plans to launch a data research project, where useful data on various areas will be collected and made available for productive purposes by government and individuals. In a communique made available by De Joseph Society April summit in Uyo, the group resolves to follow up the passage of a bill establishing Akwa Ibom State Statistical Agency, for “data collection, analysis and management” to aid government’s plans and programmes.

The communique reads:

Participants of De Joseph Society Summit, having considered and deliberated on issues bothering *’Building a Self-Sustaining State’, in pursuit of a data driven development; issues on budget and economy; on youth, governance and development and of law and policy amongst other thoughts;*

(A) Highlighted the negligence on proper data collation and it’s availability for policy making, actions and evaluation;

(B) Addressed concerns on why our youth population tend to be taken unserious by older generation, especially on leadership responsibilities; and

(C) Decried the inconsistency and unwillingness to match formulate and enanct salient laws and policies that would engender sustainable development and to match same with commensurate actions.

The summit at the close of the session resolved in the drive towards the creation of a self sustaining state with data driven do initiatives, it would as a society;

1.0 Pursue in the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly the passage of a bill to establish Akwa Ibom State Statistical Agency, for the purpose of proper data collection, analysis and management, to aid government’s plan, programmes and policies.

2.0 Pursuant to credible advocacy, De Joseph Society shall embark on various research projects targeted at specific sectors and come up with data for public awareness.

3.0 In view to open up global possibilities and opportunities for the state, attract international development partners, through clear transparency and accountability, De Joseph Society calls on Akwa Ibom State Government to join the Open Government Partnership (OGP).

4.0 Pursuant to desired youth development and leadership skills, young Akwa Ibom people should devote time and resources in building themselves with skills and education. The society is committed to partnering in the training of youths with potentials in select fields of endeavour.

5.0 Young people on social media should begin to engage in productive ventures, rather than the unpleasant trends peculiar to Uyo social media community which the summit described as “The say Hi let me take you there” mentality.

6.0 Pursuant to a reasonable reduction in unnecessary clashes and meaningless struggle among Akwa Ibom youth, we can do more through collaborative solidarity than divisive competition.

7.0 For more opportunities and space to be granted the youth of Akwa Ibom, there is need to act responsibly in every given position or chance enjoyed by a young person, be it in government, business etc. The Society therefore calls on all youth in government from Rt. Hon Onofiok Luke, Comr. Ini Ememobong, Aniefiok Iwa-Udofia, Raphael Edem, Aniekeme Finbarr, Nana Udom and all the youth SAs to not disappoint the youth in their representation. The society commends those who are already doing well in their given opportunities.

8.0 Whereas youthful age, and vigour are invaluable asset, youths should not bank on that strength alone but should become people of value by not just identifying a problem, but, proffering acceptable solutions.

9.0 The society condemns the hatred and division that political parties loyalty has created in the midst of youths in the state and calls on all youths to remember that we cannot kill ourselves while fighting another generation’s battles and encourages all youth to consolidate and work together in their own interest and then in the overall interest of the state.

10.0 Society holds that apart from making budgetary allocations for the purpose of pursuing important youth-centric human capital development initiatives in her annual budgets, the government should set up an agency led by transparent Akwa Ibom people to execute and monitor the successes of these initiatives.

11.0 It was unanimously agreed that for AkwaIbom to get to that enviable height, we have to deemphasize the present culture of offering political appointments as compensation, rather, emphasis should be on COMPETENCY. This will help us build a serious society where we deploy creative solutions to our challenges. Going forward, P.As, SAs and SSAs should be given to youths who can think up solutions and deploy same.

12.0 While we commend the AKHA members for the passage of the AKYDF bill, we hope government will assent to it soonest, so as to empower the youths with some funds to start up and sustain their businesses. We can also be the “Otedola”, “Dangote”, “Ubah”, “Bill Gates”, ” Innoson” and “Steve Job” of this world.

It is believed with adequate, quality and timely data on ground, development of the State is 100% feasible.


God bless Akwa Ibom State.

– Communique Committee, De Joseph Society Summit

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