Fejiro Oliver

As my hands run through the laptop, the muse that always descends on me with flow of words refused to come. Patiently I paused and waited for it to come in its glory, like the literal waiting for godot, yet it refused to show up.

I knew I had sinned, sinned not just against God, but against man and my nation. As soon as the name Buhari entered the headline, the spirit came and a burden was lifted off my soul. The muse is here!

This is my confession. This is my public sin. Do not shame me. I can’t remember the last time I penned down my column on national issues especially with President Muhammadu Buhari rudderless sailing of the nation to sink. The last piece I can remember on him was “President Buhari and the Saints heaven refused to send”, before the one on him demystifying himself and Tinubu.

Since then, it seems like I have been on sleeping tablet and my brain made to forget about the Presidency of Buhari. If this was Goodluck Jonathan’s era, I always kept a pen by my bedside. Whenever I see anything in my dream and it involves him, I scribble down and the next week, my column on him is ready for submission and publication. What you see next is Nasir El Rufai putting it on his social media handles as one of the young voices writing against the corrupt Jonathan’s government. Surely, time flies. El Rufai is now on the other side.

For whatever reason most of us campaigned for Buhari to be made President, we did it for the love of the nation. I admit that the forbears warned me. Like the canary birds, they sang the songs of the past to me, of Buhari’s former leadership style as well as what is to come. They were prophets of this time.

I admit that I was not present when Buhari was Head of State. The history books I read of him detailed a disciplined man, who will never tolerate corruption. For whatever reasons, my ears were blocked with cotton wools on his Decree 34 promulgated against Journalists. How that escaped my memory as a journalist remains a mystery to me.

The Buhari’s Presidency is not ordinary. Whatever made intelligent men, young and old, who knew his history but keyed into his ascension to the Villa needs investigations by a combine team of FBI and CIA. If it need needs going spiritual to find out, we need to bring Prophet TB Joshua and Guru Marahji to speak the mystery to us. Something was just not right in the whole electioneering period.

The signs were there of what was to come. The red flags were everywhere, but our emotions got the better part of us, just like its still holding some persons from. But first let me tell you a story.

So many years ago, there was a villager who was in love with livestock. He had One Hundred and Fifty of them, who were not healthy, but were also not in need of veterinary doctor. Everyone knew him as the honest man in the community, or so they thought. For every year that sailed by, everyone declared profit for sale, but this man never did.

While some lied in the course of declaring what they made during the year, by inflating it, the honest villager refused to do same. For nine years of rearing his livestock, it never crossed the One Hundred and Fifty benchmark and it did not reduce. The Village head who started with just twenty in less than five years declared increase of seventy, which shocked the whole village.

Rumors went round town that some livestock owners were complaining that they have been losing their animals via theft.

All eyes were on the Village Head and they immediately decided to replace him, with someone honest and credible.
Without much ado, the supposed honest villager was on the mind of everyone, and when it was time to choose a new one, he won. He struck.

As the new Village Head, he banned other farmers and herdsmen from fetching water from the main stream in the community as well as leading their cattle to go grazing and drinking water there. Only few persons were given the privilege to have access to the major stream, while the rest were directed to source for water elsewhere.

All of a sudden, like the cows of Egypt, his cattle increased to four hundred in two years and looked fresher than everyone else in the land. Each of the cows was assigned special Veterinary Doctors. He will leave the affairs of the village to tend to his cattle.

How come the people were so blind that they allowed him become the head of the village? They mumble and wail among themselves.

How it escaped the minds of the villagers that a man who was unable to increase the size of his cattle for over ten years cannot be trusted to increase the economy of the village remains a mystery.

The critical thinking that a man who was rarely seen in the public for years except in the midst of his kinsmen will only work with those same persons escaping the minds of the villagers remains the eighth wonder of the world.

Now they must live with their choice and learn to take decisions from a man’s life and home before committing to him the affairs of a village next time. A man who’s nit faithful in little thing can’t be trusted with big things.

This is their cross that they must bear. Until then, I don’t even understand myself and what I’m writing. I just know that Jesus Christ spoke in parables to the people and only the wise among them understood. I have spoken my own parable, not hate speech. Let the wise among you understand and the fools wallow in their self denial.

F.O (God’s Pen of Morality)

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