Oronsaye report: Jonathan in Buhari’s shoes

Oronsaye report: Jonathan in Buhari’s shoes

In 2011, a certain corrupt Jonathan from Otueke was looking for how to cut down our spending and save for the future. He called a certain Stephen Oronsaye who retired as head of service of the federation to make findings on what government can do to spend less. That was August 18, 2011.

When Stephen Oronsaye was done, he brought 800 pages of recommendations to Jonathan. The 800 page size document contained fantastic but difficult solutions.

The report recommended that government should stop sponsoring pilgrimage to Saudi and Jerusalem.

Government spends more than 250 billion naira sponsoring pilgrimage annually and could have saved that adhering to the Oronsaye report but this was in 2013.

In 2013 oil was selling for $97 per barrel and a highly religious country was going to call for a weak Jonathan’s head if he stops funding pilgrimage . To avert a religious war, Jonathan paid a deaf ear to the recommendation.

The Oronsaye report recommended the scrapping and merging of 220 out of 541 government parastatals and agencies. Majority of these parastatals were headed by northern muslims and a weak Jonathan knew he would be accused of waging a war against the north and Islam, so he paid a deaf ear to the report for peace to reign.

Buhari came in 2015 and oil price dwindled to $48 per barrel. A tough Buhari didn’t remember Oronsaye report.

In 2016, oil nosedived to $43 per barrel. A tough Buhari didn’t remember Oronsaye report.

In 2017, oil sold for $50 per barrel. A tough Buhari didn’t remember Oronsaye report.

In 2019, parastatals and agencies of government skyrocketed from what used to be 541 to about 1,000. A tough Buhari did nothing about it.

2020 came and oil went an oil time low. Even at $11 per barrel, Nigeria can’t afford to sell.

Oil is the mainstay of the Nigerian economy so Buhari can’t fund his budget since the country can’t sell crude.

In April, Covid-19 makes a complete mess of Nigeria’s economy and a visionary Buhari remembers the Oronsaye report that Jonathan did nothing about.

You shame a man who saw April 2020 in August 2011 and asked Oronsaye to do something about it, but clap the man who waited till April 2020 to act, what is the other name for you?

A day old child knows that Jonathan in Buhari’s shoes wouldn’t wait till April 2020 before remembering Oronsaye report.

Endiong John.

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