On Akpabio and Justice Okon Abang’s Judgement

On Akpabio and Justice Okon Abang’s Judgement

“I congratulate Sen. Godswill Akpabio for escaping the consequence of defection. Yes, “defection” not “movement”, not “expulsion”. Nobody expelled Sen. Akpabio. If he was expelled the world would have heard. Akpabio defected in a well attended event in Ikot Ekpene Township stadium. But like I said, I congratulate him for avoiding the legal consequence of that defection.

A few things worry me though. Akpabio was sued alongside about 50 something other lawmakers. The suit was before Justice Abang. In one breath yesterday, he dismissed the suit and held that the Plaintiff (an NGO) lacked the locus standi to institute the matter. For that reason, the court could not delve into the merit of the matter.

How come the same Judge had jurisdiction to pull out Sen. Akpabio’s name and determine his case on the merit even when the plaintiff was the same NGO that was adjudged not to have locus standi?

Was Akpabio’s case later severed from the others and taken up by another plaintiff with unquestionable locus standi? If yes, that’s ok. But if it was still in the same suit and by the same NGO then there is so much to worry about such judicial summersault.”

By Ekemini Udim Esq

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