Offa Bank Robbery: Word by word Confessional Statement of Arrested Gang leader to Journalists 


Saraki and us – Alleged Gang leader


Word by word Confessional Statement of Arrested Gang leader to Journalists

Journalists: Can we meet you ?

*Suspected Gang leader:* My name is Ayodele Akinnibosun aka (Haywhy), I am the chairman of Liberation Youths movement Kwara South, I work for Senate president and Governor Ahmed as political mobilising youth and we have been working for long time since he was Governor of kwara.

Journalists: Be specific. What exactly do you do for Saraki, what type of works ?

*suspected gang leader:* we mobilise and do political arrangement for him in kwara south

Journalists: describe the work u do, what the police PRO said has to do with Robbery and that is weighty, u are talking politics and that is light. What do u do for Senate’s President?

*Suspected Gang leader:* where we can’t win, we make arrangement there, we scatter elections if we don’t win

Journalists:what is the connection between the robbery and the Senate’s President

*Suspected Gang leader:* the connection is that for example , this car was given to me by His Excellency through the Chief of Staff of Kwara state as a gift from leader

Journalist: who’s His Excellency?

*Suspected Gang leader:* Governor AbdulFatai Ahmed

Journalists: please what has offa robbery got to do with your story , do you participated in offa robbery?

*Suspected Gang leader:* Yes I participated in the Offa robbery , I used this Lexus car given to me for the operations in offa robbery

Journalists: In rowdy session……., what was the plan ? They gave u a car for political mobilisation or thuggery issue but you move it into robbery , we want to know the link , u are telling us a different thing , *did the Senate president or governor send u to be killing or stealing from Kwara people* ,simple and straightforward, that’s what we want to know ?

*Suspected Gang leader:* the Senate president and Governor of Kwara state , we have been their political thugs , that’s what encouraged us to the robbery

Journalists:So this robbery, how did u get ur weapons,my friend *how did you get weapon , tell us*

*Suspected Gang leader:* it was through this ….ehehn…. one ex , retired police officer,Micheal , …. *dismissed police officer Michael Adikwu*, *he was the one that comes with armunitions*

Journalists:please is this said governor or Saraki aware of the robbery that u did ?. are they aware of the robbery , did they send you the robbery operation?*

*Suspected Gang leader:* *No! They did not send us for the robbery but because we are their political thugs , that’s what led us to the robbery*

Journalists:you have access to governor and Senate president, there’s nothing you need that they won’t give you , why did you have to engage in robbery with all these opportunity ?*

*Suspected Gang leader:* *It is devil that pushed us


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