My past pains inspires me the more~ Bernice Umoh, Marriage Counsellor

My past pains inspires me the more~ Bernice Umoh, Marriage Counsellor

Exclusive Chat With Lady Bernice Umoh, Progenitor And Founder Of BEMAMOL GLOBAL ENTERPRISE

Lady Bernice Umoh is the CEO of Bemamol Global Enterprise, She is Motivational Speaker, Marriage Counsellor, Relationship Coach and Skincare Therapist.

In our quest to identify, encourage and promote female professionals and enterpreneurs across Africa, we had an exclusive interview with her and here are the excerpt from the chat.

*Lady Bernice Umoh a lady of substance and inestimable worth.
*She has carved a nitche for herself in the global space.
* The progenitor and founder of BEMAMOL GLOBAL ENTERPRISE one of the nascent fastest growing outfit charged with the responsibility of building relationships, Public speaking and physical fitness.
* The global outfit has of recent harvested numerous testimonies from beneficiaries who has stoped at nothing in proclaiming the wonder touch of BEMAMOL.
*Bemamol has brought laughter to many families. Many widows has benefited from her empowerment programmes.
Lady Bernice Umoh’s Revolving free education scheme is as we speak is ongoing as beneficiaries has testified to this fact.
* She has constantly cemented the bridge and the gap between the rich and the poor with her numerous freewill donations to the less privilege.
* On the educational credibility, Lady Bernice Umoh has given a good account of herself.
*Has a diploma in sociology
*Has a diploma in Local Government Administration
*Also holds a Bsc . Degree in public Policy and Administration.
*Lady Bernice Umoh , follows all her dreams and visions with Zeal, an attribute that has endeared her to many.
A Lady that has rekindled smiles in many broken marriages and relationships.
*The mind doctor
*A gorgeous mother of two
*A business Mogul
*A seasoned politician
*The Abak Nation Princess
*The CEO of the most trending mind healing Global Enterprise in Africa.

Worked with first bank plc, Epz branch calabar, a singer per excellent, and lover of God and a motivational Speaker….

What inspires me?

Hahaha you know sometimes God allow you to go through somethings in life so for you to be a lesson to others…I would say my past pains inspires me the more…couple with the fact that I was called to serve God and humanity but the pains I went through as a young girl makes contributed to who i am today…

Two yrs ago, while in a deep sleep I heard a voice …..calling …and I heard it loud and clear….I woke up and started praying .. Of all the things he (God) said to me the one I picked and put up a write up was ‘And GOd Said , let there be bernice) and since that day I started inspiring the masses….

Inspiration comes from God…it hasnt been an easy journey, but it has been God all the way…and I give him all the glory.

On my Journey so far, The challenges etc

My dear its been tough, very tough in the sense that you don’t longer live your normal life…though it has really shape my life, my mentality etc…

Most importantly, the things that gives me joy and make me feel fulfilled is that I have been able to put smile on the faces of thousands, so many relationships and homes healed through my ministration and advice… Thats what makes me happy.

Although it affect me a lot…like you are no longer the onwer of your life…you live for the society…she laughs….most times I wonder how the big celebrities coupe…

My dear celebrity life is the hardest thing any body can think of…like you mind what you do and what you say so not to dissapoint your followers , your fans etc…like me , i know they are a thousand and one looking up to me, so I have to live an examplary life for them to emulate.

About my love life:

its private wouldn’t want to talk about it .

Have u been hurt before?

Yes several times… But you know what?? They were blessings in disguise…so i want to say thank you to all the guys who took my goodness for granted , thanks for hurting me , thanks for breaking me into pieces… But i have a goodnews for them….I actually picked the broken pieces and mould them bk and now i am doing perfectly well and 10 times better…all thanks to God.

We appreciate your time ma.

To contact Lady Bernice Umoh

Visit her Office @ 30 Uruan Street, Uyo

Or Call 08033871710

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