MUST READ: As the year 2019 draws near by the day- Ndiana-Abasi Nana Udom

As the year 2019 draws near by the day

candidates have begun to emerge for different political offices ranging from the Senate to House of Representatives and to House of Assembly, this is not forgeting the Governorship candidates and ofcourse the people contesting for the apex seat to become Nigeria’s president.

It is imperative to state here that we have different types of candidates as far as the above mentioned offices are concerned:

1. We have those who are prepared to serve and in this category are the people who planned for their election, worked towards it and are executing their plans with style and in a very reserved but thunderous way.

2. We have those who were never ready to contest, neither are they ready to serve but are just coming out to compete, flex muscle and please one or two people in their Local Government or state.

One of the things we must guide against as a people is politics of godfatherism, yes it is ok to have a good godfather, please underline the word GOOD, but having a godfather who does not add value to your political office is a heavy liability, not just to you but to your people, remember, when your Government fails, no one will accuse the godfather but you, If one must have a godfather, let your godfather influence you positively, guide you properly, allow you partner with the people and ensure a peaceful coexistence in your society.

Another thing to look out for in your candidate is what i call the NAME DROPPERS……These people will tell you how they Know the Governor, the Governor’s father, mother, grandmother, sisters, brothers and all, they will tell you that they are the sole candidates for their seats, they will tell you how much they know all the big men in the society and how their election has been concluded already in Government house and sent to heaven for endorsement, you will hear the number of cars they have, number of houses, bla bla bla, believe me when i say these people are the weakest of all the candidates as insecurities are loud but confidence is silent.

Never loose sight of your candidate’s antecedent, his past life, his performance where he is coming from, lives he has been able to affect positively and his family background. This is not the year to be carried away by mere sight, this is the period to correct all our mistakes of the past, no one turns to a giver overnight, giving is a gift, giving cannot be forced, a giver is a giver, and a stingy fellow can only pretend for a while, give him or her that position today and he or she will return to status quo.

Be on the look for candidates who have started attending people’s functions or cadidates who now support people in whatever they do because they want to contest for an election, this method is however funny and can never last.

In summary, be weary of candidates who want to emerge through consensus or adoption or candidates going about to plead with diffferent groups to sign communiques, they have no good plans for you, they have not worked but need the victory, in 2019, as far as Governor Udom Emmanuel is concerned, elections will be taken to the field and the candidate who the people want will emerge.

Let the people create the society they are looking for by electing the political office holder of their choice, this is the beauty of democracy.

My name remains Ndiana-Abasi Nana Udom.

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