Itu- Ibiono Federal Lawmaker: A colossal waste of Constituency Votes

Itu- Ibiono Federal Lawmaker: A colossal waste of Constituency Votes

By Gloria Ekong

Dr. Henry Archibong,the member representing Itu-Ibiono Federal Constituency at the National Assembly, is a total dissapointment to the people of the Constituency, whose mandate he is holding sway at the National Assembly. It was indeed an error that the political leaders in Itu-Ibiono local government made by bringing him on board the system,that saw him through to the position he is occupying today,as member of Parliament.

On February 22nd, I wrote an article with the title” Ibiono- Ibom: It’s time to negotiate new deals”,based on the growing concern about the zoning of political offices in the constituency,and on the grounds that Itu local government will by orders of zoning complete a two term tenure of eight years at the National Assembly. Thereby handing over to Ibiono Ibom in 2019,for justice,equity and fair play. As well as the ineffective representation of Hon. Henry Archibong since his inuguration in June,2015.

It is a thing of concern that the Lawmaker had ,few hours after i released the article ,which came from my interactions with some people who are totally dissatisfied with the way and manner the lawmaker is conducting the activities of the office, that is suppose to be solely for the people, as a representative of the people,decided to immediately form a media team to spread more lies to the people,mislead and hide the truth about his failed representation.

Funny enough,none of those he paid to write those tales that were circulating on the social media, were able to denied the points I raised ,and the fact that he inherited over 100 tricycles ( Keke), from the late Member of Parliament, Hon. Kenneth Archibong who procured for the Constituency empowerment,before his demise.

May his soul rest in peace.

These were the same pictures of Keke Dr. Henry posted on his Facebook wall and also gave it to those he paid to write ,to use as his empowerment items. But it is on record that not even one naira from Dr. Henry found its way, into the purchase of those tricycles that were parked at the Federal Secretariat in Uyo,on the orders of NDE. And it took the intervention of some political leaders and stakeholders from Itu before a proper agreement was reached, necessary documents were signed before the Keke were released for the Federal Constituency.

It is only the gullible,blind followers,who are suffering and smiling,that will take what Dr. Henry says at anytime or occasion to the bank,because before the eyes of all ten wards in Itu Local government,not to talk of Ibiono-Ibom axis,he has failed the people, who put in so much to secure that position he is occupying today, which he has taken as his personal business, and not that of the collective interest of the Itu- Ibiono Federal Constituency.

It is a very sad thing to discover that out of the five Special Advisers slots that were allocated to Itu local government, through the office of Member representing Itu- Ibiono Federal Constituency, Dr. Henry took four out of the five to his ward,ward five in Itu local government, while leaving one slot for ward two.

George Akpan in charge of media, Mfon James in charge of political,Favor Bassey in charge of women ,Idiongho Okon Archibong( his brother) in charge of general administration,are all National Assembly slots for Itu local,who are working for the lawmaker,and they are all from the same ward,Dr. Henry Archibong’s ward. While giving one to ward two,David Ita David in charge of domestics.

So in all the ten wards in Itu local government, he decided to pick all his aides (except one ) paid by the national assembly from his own ward.

What is so peculiar about Dr. Henry Archibong’s ward?

What sort of leadership or representation is Dr. Henry Archibong providing for the people Itu- Ibiono Federal Constituency?

After my article in February, I heard that the lawmaker called a few party officials ,which I wrote about how he sidelined them,with the belief that they were his enemies, and gave N25,000 each as a form of empowerment. He repeated on Friday 16th still giving N25000 to those he believes will be statutory delegates.

What really is empowerment to ITU- Ibiono Federal lawmaker?

Dr. Henry Archibong keeps telling people that there is no money at the National Assembly, and also that lawmakers are only allowed to carry out constituency projects with Federal agencies, yet he is building a massive hospital for himself at Ikot Akpan Abia as a federal lawmaker, without building it in partnership with an agency.

So calling party officials to give N25,000,is empowerment to the lawmaker? It is indeed a pity.

Talking about the much politicised ICT centre that the lawmaker is building for the constituents,in his village of Mbak Obio Oku,where his constituency office too is located. It is only a fool that can not see that whole idea by the lawmaker of building an ICT centre which is supposed to be for the Federal constituency in his village,is to compliment his hospital in the village, which he will turn the constituency office to,after leaving office in 2019.

On February 10th,the lawmaker took to his Facebook page to incite the youths against the elders of the party,by playing the ” age card “, that the youths should support him to go for a second term,calling on the youths to join hands with him and push the elders out of politics for their future.

At 52years,is Dr. Henry Archibong a youth?

If he so cares about the youths, why is he insisting that they should wait for him to finish in 2023?. Is this not selfishness? He goes about telling lies to the people about the ages of those he perceives are his strong contenders, even in public meetings, on how old they are,and why they should not be supported,when he himself is sitting on the progress of the youths as an old man.

When I hear how he talks about other political office holders that were supported by others both financially and otherwise to win election,in a bid to mock them in public or cause unnecessary tension I ponder on the fact that he may have forgotten how much was spent on his election,by political leaders in Itu. Not to talk about the money that was spent for his reception,appreciation of delegates,other logistics on his behalf,which he spent nothing. Except for the N7,600 which he used in buying meat pie and two crates of minerals to consult the party in Itu.

Those that live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Am surprised that the media handlers he recently recruited have not written or posted pictures of his latest politics of dog meat and palmy joints,that he is visiting on a daily basis,because according to him,people are telling him that he is not popular or a good mixer,so he needs to visit dog meat joints,meet with the people at those bars,to test popularity,like that of Nung Ukot Itam,where even the leader of Itu local government council who was in attendance, watched in total shock. He was heard telling the people that he was unable to reach them earlier because he was still trying to understand the workings of the national assembly. He had to wait till the next party primaries is around the corner to socialise with his constituents. Very smart MP.

That reminds me,there is a dog meat and palmy joint at Ekritam Akpanobong,just by the junction,I hope our very own federal lawmaker will stop by one of these days,and buy dog meat for the people,as a constituency empowerment,as if those delegates that were mobilized to vote him in 2015,came from dog meat and palmy joints.

As 2019 elections is approaching, MP “our mumu don do”

If Dr. Henry Archibong keeps telling the people that there is no money at the National Assembly, that even the quarter bags of rice he bought during the Christmas period for the people,that he borrowed the money to buy it,why then is he campaigning for a second term.

I think it is a colossal waste of time and resources to invest into the type of politics Itu- Ibiono Ibom federal lawmaker is playing, the status quo will still remain.

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