By Mbosowo Essien

If you have ever put a distress call to a friend or love one for like thirty(30)to forty(40) times without the person picking up the call and you remember how you felt, then the caption of this piece is a justification of the nitty- gritty of the moment.

True is the fact that aspirants jostling for political offices in 2019,will have no option than fly on the testimony wings of the electorates in what legal luminaries tags”Res Ipsa loquto(meaning-the injury speaks for itself).

As an addendum to the above facts, it is no longer news that ahead the 2019 race the people of Ibesikpo Asutan State constituency has consistently flooded the gate of Rt.Hon.(Elder) Aniekan Uko with a ceaseless request for him to take a second term shot at the Assembly seat.

For keen and avid watchers of Ibesikpo Asutan politics,this is the first time that this is happening and this is not unconnected to the remarkable performance of this cerebral lawmaker

Little wonder the Pre-socratic philosopher and founder of Eleatic school of thought Parmenides of Elea opines that”the only permanent thing is change ” We cannot forget in a hurry his famous dictum that ‘one cannot step into the same river twice’.

Elder Aniekan Uko has been a wind of change to the people of Ibesikpo Asutan since he came on board as the lawmaker representing the constituency in the 6th Assembly.

He has been the game changer and a jinx breaker. On June 8,2015 when the present house was constituted,by the grace of God and by the benevolence of his colleagues he emerged the 10th Speaker of the AKHA in what political pundit described as grace in action.

Stepping down from the speakership seat due to the December 15, 2015 Abuja Appeal Court ruling,he came back to the floor and made himself a wonder boy to watch and listen to during plenary, with his sensitivity to issues being discussed as well as putting up bills and motions with human bearing.

In his maiden bill which was A BILL TO MAKE PROVISIONS FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT AND CONTROL OF PRIVATE HOSPITALS AND OTHER HEALTHCARE FACILITIES IN AKWA IBOM STATE AND FOR OTHER MATTERS CONNECTED THEREWITH 2016, he raised alarm over the lack of control of Private Hospitals and other Healthcare facilities and prayed the house to rise to the occasion for the safety of lives.

Being aware that our native language might soon face extinction with the death of older folks,Elder Aniekan Uko was timely to come up with A MOTION ON THE NEED TO MAKE THE TEACHING OF OUR NATIVE LANGUAGE COMPULSORY IN BOTH PUBLIC AND PRIVATE PRIMARY AND SECONDARY SCHOOLS IN AKWA IBOM STATE.

Speaking on the bill,the Ibesikpo Asutan mouthpiece maintained that the child”s first language is critical to his or her identity, and that maintaining this language helps the child value his or her culture and heritage which contributes to a positive self concept.

Off course the motion got the nod of the state government as Secondary and Primary teachers were immediately instructed to start the teaching of Ibibio language in their schools.

This singular motion earned him the title”Ambassador of Bring Back our Language .The motion has recorded huge success as secondary and primary school pupils now have a fluent romance with their mother language.

Irked by the dangers of filling station built near homes he came up with A MOTION ON THE NEED TO CURB THE PROLIFERATION OF FILLING STATIONS WITHIN RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS AND PLACES OF PUBLIC ASSEMBLY, where he expressed worry that lives and valuables properties of nearby residents are at great risk considering the health implication that may likely arise as a result of frequent inhalation of petroleum gas,and in event of any fire outbreak.

As a lawmaker who lives in the villàge and keeps close tap with his people,he was quick to know that the activities of PHED to the people is not golden and was quick to hit the plenary with A MOTION AGAINST THE UNWHOLESOME AND ALLEGED FRAUDULENT CHARGES ON ELECTRICITY CONSUMERS IN AKS BY THE PORT-HARCOURT ELECTRICITY DISTRIBUTION COMPANY(PHED)

In the motion,he intimated the house that after paying so much, considering the present hike in electricity tariff, some communities in Akwa Ibom State are far from seeing electricity light for months let alone enjoy quality service.

Worried by the spate of accidents on our roads on daily basis,Elder Aniekan Uko again came to the rescue when he came up with A MOTION ON THE URGENT NEED TO PROVIDE ROAD TRAFFIC CONTROL MEASURES AT STRATEGIC ROAD INTERSECTIONS AND JUNCTIONS IN AKWA IBOM STATE.
As earlier noted,one characteristic that has so singled out Elder Uko as the peoples lawmaker is his resolve to live in the village with his people and this has payed off as he quickly sees for himself without being told the challenges faced by his people and one of such was the flood that has plagued his constituency for quite a long time.


Aniekan Uko has remained one astute and cerebral lawmaker that always defends the people when laws and motions that will affect them negatively surfaces.

It was a mild drama at plenary on the 14th of February, 2017 when he single handedly,not minding whose horse was gored stood up and oppose the REAL PROPERTY CHARGE BILL sponsored by Rt.Hon.(Dr.)Usoro Akpanusoh and fifteen(15) others maintaining that though a good bill,the timing was wrong.

Hear his Submission:

“Mr.speaker,my aspiration to represent my people in the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly was driven by conscience and by the grace of God Almighty, I’ve been able to allow that conscience to guide me in the bills and motions I sponsor in the floor of this house and also in my personal contributions in whatever is brought before me in this hallow Chamber and even in committees I serve.

I will not support any form of revenue generation that will be detrimental to the people of Akwa Ibom State who took pains under the hot sun to elect us to speak and take decisions on their behalf.

At this point of recession,we should critically consider any bill we pass into law.

We should be thinking of bills to relocate Mobil headquarters down here so that our children can be gainfully employed.

Mr. speaker there is hunger in the land .People are suffering,families cannot afford one square meal any longer.

My mandate was on trust and I won’t sacrifice it on this bill,no matter what people will say about me”.

His submission was a sigh of relief to Akwa Ibom people who lauded his doggedness and intellectual sagacity on the bill.

In empowerment,Aniekan Uko has raised the bar among previous representatives from the area

In his first two years he has doled out eleven(11) cars, twenty brand new motorcycles among other packages.

In his second constituency briefing,over fifty women across the ward were empowered with #50,000 each to start up stock fish trade.

As part of his empowerment scheme, women across the 10 wards were empowered with hairdressers, generators and other hairdressing facilities to start up their hairdressing business and opening of ten fashion houses with complete facilities through his wife Evangelist (Mrs.)Ememobong Aniekan Uko(IBOROAKAM)Life Enhancement Programme.

In his bid to light up the lives of his people,villages like Nung Oku Ibesikpo, Afaha Ikot Obio Nkan,Ikot Obio Ofon, Mbikpong Ikot Edim and Owut Uta Ibesikpo can now boast of new electricity tranformers with more still coming for other villages in the constituency to benefit from.

His Constituency projects are scattered in every nooks and cranny of his constituency and some are still ongoing.

He has through his oversight functions brought to the floor the collapse bridge linking Ikot Ikere,Ebereotu,Ikot Udo Ekop and as we speak government has responded by awarding contract for the building of bridge and 5.4km road to ameliorate the suffering of the community lives.

In his bid to strengthen the economic well-being of the women in the Local Government,he has provided some million Naira revolving loan to better their economic lives.

In 2016, the superlative representation of the five-Star lawmaker could not dodge the beamlight of the Almighty Nigerian Union of Journalist (NUJ) as he was crowned the best lawmaker for 2016.

As we speak, the school fees of the son of the late sport broadcaster Billy Bassey Ekott,Miracle Billy Bassey is payed regularly matching his promise with action.

Equally that of Abasifreke Ndifreke Thompson,the son of the late Physically challenged councillor is equally getting attention.

To many it was unbelievable that the famous high life maestro, Etubom Rex William is still alife due to the question on social media that trailed the visit of the Ibesikpo Asutan lawmaker to the aging music Icon.

It was a moment of relief for the aging high life singer who said Aniekan Uko has surprised him in remembering to visit him even when he was not from his state constituency

The clamour for this 5 -Star lawmaker, Aniekan Uko to continue is massive, the reason is golden,the time is apt and the chorus is getting thunderous.

The endorsement is spreading like a wild fire from every nooks and cranny and even beyond his own constituency .

Ibesikpo Asutan State Constituency 2019: “ete mbok boro call nyin”.

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