How Senator Akpabio Made Nsima Ekere lose Elections: The Abuja Conspiracy

The Legend of APC’s Laughable Defeat in Akwa Ibom State – 1

…How Senator Akpabio Made Nsima Ekere lose Elections: The Abuja Conspiracy

Tony Chukwudi, Political Correspondent, Abuja

Indications have emerged that the defeat of Obong Nsima Ekere of the APC in the just concluded Governorship election in Akwa Ibom State was orchestrated by the Political miscalculations or bragadociousness of some top members of the APC. Fresh insights reveal that there was a grand conspiracy plotted against him by some actors within the Presidency owing to his association with Senator Godswill Akpabio, the APC’s new but destructive bride in the state.

A source from the presidential villa who pleaded anonymity hinted that Obong Nsima Ekere became a victim of his close association with Senator Godswill Akpabio who was seen in the villa as an interloper.

The source said, “In the villa, officials see Akpabio as a busy body. Nobody took him serious and he was busy going about the villa as the best thing that happened to PMB. He failed to recognise that Amaechi and Abba kyari were major actors in Abuja”

The source also said that Nsima Ekere’s relationship with Amaechi started falling apart when Akpabio defected to the APC.

Other actors at the Abuja front who worked against Mr Ekere because of his association with Akpabio included, Alhaji Isa Funtua and the National leader of the APC, Asiwaju “Jagaban” Tinubu, the source revealed;

“Nsima did not give Amaechi his due again as the South South leader of the APC after senator Akpabio defected to their fold. He also was not relating well with Abba Kyari even as MD of the NDDC. Alhaji Isa Funtua also had issues with Akpabio and did everything to ensure he didn’t see the politics light in the APC in Abuja… Even Tinubu who wants his wife to be the Deputy Senate President did not want Akpabio in Abuja at all to forestall the lingering thoughts of his emergence as the Senate president… All these men worked against Akpabio and when Nsima Bec unnecessarily close to Akpabio and seemed to be paying loyalty to him, he became a child of circumstance and suffered from the conspiracy that led to his eventual defeat”.

Speaking on why “Federal might” was not utilized in Mr Ekere’s favour the source said that Amaechi controlled the military apparentus in the south south and gave final orders at his discretion;

“We are told Amaechi was the one who made the call to General Buratai, the Chief of Army staff, to order troops not to work for Obong Nsima Ekere on the election day….though Nsima had soldiers with him, they obeyed the last instructions from Abuja and you know the army does not toy with hierarchy”.

The plans to redeploy Mr Mike Igini also suffered a set-back in the hands of this same players, the source added. “None of the major players in the Abuja front was willing to lend a voice in the calls for the redeployment of Igini from the state, Abba Kyari’s call to the INEC chairman would have done that effortlessly but he did not call. He did not want Akpabio who neither acknowledged his political role in the country nor paid loyalty to him to take the glory for his (Kyari’s) Political wit”.

When one considers the events around the 2019 elections in Akwa Ibom state, Akpabio’s defection to the APC was more of a curse than a blessing to the APC in Akwa Ibom State. “Akpabio’s defection to the APC and Mr Ekere’s sudden alignment to him was his (Mr Ekere’s) greatest undoing in the March 9 elections”, the source said.

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