How I was attacked by Sen. Akpabio’s thugs- Ukana East Presiding Officer

How I was attacked by Sen. Akpabio’s thugs- Ukana East Presiding Officer

Many reports have been given prior to the violence that broke out during the Saturday’s Governorship and State House of Assembly election in Essien Udim Local Government. This, the Presiding Officer of Ukana East in Essien Udim, Mr. Itoro Ekpe has relayed his story to newsmen.

While telling his story, Mr. Ekpe made it known to our reporters that during the collation of election results on Saturday, Sen. Akpabio accompanied by his thugs had approached him, compelling him to doctor the already filled election results, or replace it with the doctored result they came with, stressing that failure to comply is tantamount to his death sentence.

The Presiding Officer having maintained his stand on not bowing to the threat and such, not ready to doctor the election result, Sen. Akpabio left and after five minutes, some thugs rushed into the premises, shooting guns and maiming both the INEC Officials and Party supporters who were presently at the collation centre. This, they got his mobile phone, dragged him to an unknown location where they the plan was to execute him but God helped him escaped with bruises everywhere on his body.

Mr. Ekpe therefore cries out to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Nigerian Police Force and every other security agencies to make sure the instigator and perpetuators of this crime be brought to book, and this misdemeanor corrected in subsequent elections.

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