Goodluck Ebele Jonathan Speaks Out



“I refused to negotiate with boko haram. After I heard the news that chibok girls were kidnapped, I called a security council meeting three days after the incident.
I didn’t go to wedding ceremony, I didn’t go for campaign. I was so worried, and quickly mobilized our security agencies to ensure their release. But because the kidnapped was political motivated, the abductors went as far crossing the girls to neighbouring country. All to discredit my government”.

“I thank God today that Nigerians are getting to know the real boko haram elements in our midst.
I thank God today they are witnessing the release of harden boko haram fighters by this adminstration. Suspects that cost us fortune and high risk by our military personnel to arrest, are being freed and empowered”.

“I thank God today that after three years, am still the weeping boy when am no longer contesting.
I thank God today Nigerians slept with the second wife and discovered that their first love(PDP) meant well for them even when we have corrupt followers in our midst”.

“Nigerians will soon go to the polls to register their plights,and I know the Goodluck Jonathan that this government is working round the clock to ridicule, will be vindicated through the outcome of 2019 election”.

“I have earlier provided an escape route for this country. The Answers to every questions Nigerians are asking are right there in the confab document.
The solution to nepotism, marginalization, ethnic war,effective democratic system, is right there in the confab report”.

“Not until the template is consider, a new Nigeria will not emerge.
Have been there,and I know what am talking about. A united Nigeria is achievable if the confab report is implemented”.

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

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