Etinan Federal Lawmaker Goes Global With The Fight




 Etinan born Law Maker flags off the campaign against Modern day Slavery today 8th June 2018 at the Malawian Parliament with team of experts from the CPA UK on the slavery project joined by partners across Africa to bring an end to the dare devil Monster breeding fat in our society.

Nigeria taking the lead role in the fight collaborates sister Parliaments across the globe to combat this inhuman treatment and wickedness of man to fellow humans.
Hon ikon addressed the Parliament of Malawi stating the obvious” that a good number of countries in Africa with high profiles of corruption and hopelessness, increasing unemployment and poor working conditions, abject poverty, weak, unenforced or inexistent legislations to check the inhuman crimes meted on unsuspecting individuals who are desperate for change are faced with these issues.

He further expressed the tremendous progress in Nigeria in the fight through NAPTIP and its collaborative effort with other government agencies, joint task force, the media and every stakeholder involved.

As part of his resolve to help humanity and the Nigerian society, Hon Ikon on the floor of the green chamber has proposed an amendment bill on the trafficking in person Act and also a motion calling for an investigative hearing with an attempt to have a lasting solution.

Your Mandate is working
God bless Nigeria
God bless our Akwa Ibom state
God bless Etinan Federal constituency.

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