Emmanuel Enoidem cannot Commit Murder!

Emmanuel Enoidem cannot Commit Murder!

A ragtag newspaper in Akwa Ibom State has published a libelous story against the National Legal Adviser of the Peoples Democratic Party, Barrister Emmanuel Enoidem in its bid to malign the image and reputation of the revered former Commissioner in the State.

Let it be known to all that Barr Enoidem holds very high, dear and sacred the sanctity of human life and so will not succumb to any pressure or temptation under any situation to take anyone’s life no matter the provocation.

Thus, it is safe to say that the story is the figment of the author’s imagination because Barr. Enoidem CANNOT KILL and he does not know the dead person, neither his village, nor anything ever related to the deceased.

It is quite unfortunate that the error filled newspaper intends to gain prominence with the name of Enoidem, but that will continue to remain in their wildest imaginations.

It is of concern that, while the Nigeria Union of Journalists, led by its State Chairman, Comrade Amos Etuk is working assiduously to rid the Union of quacks, an acclaimed Journalist will continue to drag the name of the Union into disrepute.

On this note, a team of lawyers, on the instruction of the PDP National Legal Adviser, have been asked to write formally to the newspaper for a retraction within three days, or face legal action.

This we hope, will serve as a deterrent to others, and for future purposes.

Eneh John
Barrister Emmanuel Enoidem,
National Legal Adviser,
Peoples Democratic Party.

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