Church members in tears as pastor turns water to petrol


The reactions of some Facebookusers raised doubts over the miraculous change.

A clergyman, Prophet Jacob, reportedly turned water topetrol during a church service.  (Facebook/Prophet Jacob)

A South African clergyman, Prophet Jacob, made some members of his church shed tears after turning water to petrol.

Images portraying this was shared via Facebook on Tuesday, April 3, 2018.

In the post revealed the spiritual leader as he got on his knees for a fervent prayer believed to be responsible for the magical change of the liquid.

Church members in tears as pastor turns water to petrol  (Facebook/Prophet Jacob)

The ‘miracle’ occurred at the church’sEaster Friday Convocation.

“During our Friday Easter Convocation prophet Jacob asked people to bring bottles of water from their homes and surprisingly said ‘DO YOU BELIEVE WE CAN TURN THIS WATER INTO PETROL ,continued by telling the congregation to bring the bottles on the alter and he prayed with militancy and instantly the color and the smell of the water change and caught fire which was so massive and people were moved into awe,”a post of Facebook reads.

In the comments section, some Facebook users did not appear enchanted concerning the unique display seen only as magic.

Comments on Facebook expressed doubt over the miracle.  (Facebook/Prophet Jacob)

The doubts expressed mirrors the thoughts of many over miracles considered as odd.

RCCG pastor revives dead wife with cloth anointed by Enoch Adeboye

Pastor Timothy Owoade of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), has shared a testimony concerning how he raised his dead wife with a cloth anointed by overseer, Enoch Adeboye.

His experience was compiled in a Premium Times News report published on Sunday, April 8, 2018.

Owoade’s spouse reportedly died during a family prayer session but it wasn’t meant to be the end for the woman according to the order at which things unfolded.

While taking his wife to the hospital, the RCCG pastor remembered a piece of cloth earlier by the overseer.

The formerly dead parter reportedly awakened after a concerned husband wrapped the blessed material around her.

“During the March Holy Ghost Service which coincided with Mr Adeboye’s birthday, many people had expected him to bless holy oil or handkerchiefs for the congregation, but he said he had not been directed by God to do that.

“Instead, he prayed to anoint clothes people wore that day, advising that they could be used during difficult cases for miracles.

“One morning, last month, a pastor, Timothy Owoade, woke up early to pray with his wife in the bedroom before joining their children for the larger family prayers.

“He recalled that as he prayed there was no response from his wife – not even the usual ‘Amen.’

“Surprised, he tapped her and asked if she was okay, but there was no response. He quickly examined her and noticed she was dead.

“He raised alarm which attracted the children and neighbours.

“As they were taking her to the hospital, he remembered the clothes he wore to the March Holy Ghost Service, rushed for them to wrap around the corpse.

“Amid shouts of praise, he said his wife came back to life before they got to the hospital, where she was certified okay,” the Premium Times News expressed in a report.

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