Breaking: Nigerian Woman who Resigned as Bank Staff breaks Record

Breaking: Nigerian Woman who Resigned as Bank Staff breaks Record

Mrs. Uduakobng Henry who hails from Akwa Ibom State has made another tremendous success in her Networking Career.

Mrs. Henry is a member of Norland Networking Company.

She has recently taken to her social media handles to publicize her new rank of Africa’s Blue Diamond in Norland Company which comes with N24 Million.

Mrs. Uduakobong before now, has made notable success in Norland Company. She was recently rewarded with a Range Rover from Norland Company.

Mrs. Henry’s achievements in 19 months include:
¶ 1 Gold Diamond
¶ 5 Silver Diamond
¶ 10 Gold Medalist
¶ 35 Silver Medalist
¶ 18 SUV Awardees and still counting.

Hear from you.

“And so friends, it started with God and ended in praise!

I have always believed in success. Truly, success is a product of hard work. My struggles in life has proven to me that any body can be successful as long as you are persistent and consistent in your hussle.

A couple of months ago, I started this journey with this superb company. Little did I know that things will turn out this way even though it has not been one smooth ride. Before now, I struggled like every Nigerian youth, trying to earn a living. My diligence as a bank staff wasn’t giving me the financial freedom I wanted, so I quit.

I took my first leap into network marketing and it looked promising, but at some point it failed. I went back to square one. I almost lost hope as I could not boast of a thousand naira of my own.

It was at the period of my downcast that a friend introduced me to Norland. I didn’t have the money to sign up with the company so a friend, paid for my registration and that was how I activated the MLM mode.

The truth is that I had tried a couple of networking marketing business but never succeeded so I told myself, ”I will give one last shot to this business and see if it pays off”. That was the best decision I took in life.

I must confess that I encountered plenty ”NOs” and a few of ”YES” but I fought on.

By divine Providence God connected me to these amazing success line’s who became personal personalities. I tell you guys that in life, you need people to rise.

When we chose the name #ACHIEVERS for the team, we believed we will live it through and that is exactly what we are doing.

Thank you ACHIEVERS TEAM for your doggedness, dedication, zeal, resilience, commitment and passion.

Thank you for your hard work and for taking this business personal.

I don’t have the space to mention every single person’s name, but many thanks for your perseverance

Special thanks to all my success line’s for every single PV because you are the reason I am here today.

A very special thanks
to Mr Johnny Chen and Mr. Kenny Chen for creating a platform to change the lives of Nigerians.

Thank you my Hero, Dr Henro Okon for being the back bone and number one fan. This will never have been possible with out your full support and push, I owe you and my lovely daughter more.

Thank you for allowing me to be me

Thank you to my immediate and extended family. I love you all!

Thank you Beta’Asi Emmanuel Ekanem for Leading the part of success, you inspire me.

And to Glory Udom I say it again that you are a friend indeed.

To my back room staff led by the hardworking Joseph Jaden, I thank you for your creativity and innovation.

A very special thanks to you mum Inyene Inyang for all your prayers.

This Blue Diamond Rank is for us all!

Together we Achieve more”.
You can reach out to Mrs. UduakObong Henry on +234806 340 6759

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