Best Read: Will Tinubu and Amaechi Suffer The Rochas and Akpabio Treatment?

Will Tinubu and Amaechi Suffer The Rochas and Akpabio Treatment?

LEARN from what is currently happening to Rochas and Akpabio. Their people that they betrayed have REJECTED them. Those they betrayed their people for have also REJECTED them. Now they are DEJECTED and they have PROJECTED their DEJECTION on INEC that supervised their REJECTION.

I look at what those two are going through and almost feel sorry for them. But how do you feel sorry for people who do not feel sorry for their own people?

Look at Akpabio who once boasted that “what money cannot do, more money can do”. Today, where has his “more money” gotten him? A man cannot be dancing shakushaku while his people are dancing azonto. As my South-south people will say, it is impossicant.

What could have possessed Akpabio to have allied himself to a man and a party that are considered political lepers by his people? A man that was once so loved after he TRANSFORMED Akwa-Ibom, ended up TRANSFORMING himself from a political MODEL to a political MONSTER.

As for Rochas, I can only say that his situation would have been different only if statues could vote. By now, he would have been a Senator-elect and his son in law would have been a Governor-elect. I hope he has learnt his political lessons. Invest in real people instead of statues.

And what would one say about Rotimi Amaechi? A man who is celebrating as reports surface that the military are killing his people. How can Amaechi defend what the military is doing in Rivers? Even the usually conservative European Union was forced to speak up in defence of Rivers people. Yet Amaechi hails their oppressors. Amaechi, your time is coming. Be patient. The god that failed Rochas and Akpabio will also fail you. If you like pray ten times a day in the direction of Daura, it won’t save you from reaping what you have sown. Your political sins will find you and your potbelly soon and very soon.

This brings me to Bola Tinubu.
What Bola Tinubu did was wrong. Having bullion vans bring cash to your house 48 hours to an election is prima facie evidence of influencing voters using money. If President Buhari really had integrity, the EFCC would have picked up Tinubu by now.

Tinubu even boasted on live television that the bullion vans carried money and that it is nobody’s business. That is not true. It is the business of the EFCC by virtue of the Money Laundering Act of 2011. If the EFCC is not aware of that act, let me remind them.

The Money Laundering Act of 2011 makes it illegal for any individual to make cash payments exceeding Five Million Naira. And provides that every cash transaction over N5,000,000 must be done via a financial institution. Tinubu obviously flouted this law.
By virtue of the Money Laundering Act of 2011, any person found guilty of making or accepting any cash payment above N5,000,000 is liable to imprisonment for a term of not less than 3 years or a fine of N10,000,000 (Ten Million Naira) or both.

If I, Reno Omokri, an opposition critic of the Buhari administration was found to have received bullion vans full of cash 48 hours to an election, I would have been arrested before evening on the same day. Is the Nigerian law a respecter of persons?

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