Be true to yourself and then to us the citizens of this great State~ Morgan tells Udom

Be true to yourself and then to us the citizens of this great State~ Morgan tells Udom

Congratulations, HE, Mr Udom Emmanuel
(Please Make me Smile)

1.0 I am happy that you won your re-election for a second term as the Governor of our dear state. That you won with God and against much doubts and tremendous persecution gives me more joy. I’m glad because we didn’t fail and God did not allow you to see shame, likewise your supporters. Congratulations Sir!

2.0 Now that the elections are over, this note is a simple plea to you to “make me smile”. My congratulations in paragraph one above is “partial” and my joys as expressed therein of a limited substance. Kindly make my joy complete Sir and you will definitely receive my full Congratulatory message;

First, keep demonstrating true intergrity and transparency in the Governance of Akwa Ibom State. Again, be true to yourself and then to us the citizens of this great state who have by your re-election deposited their individual sovereignty on you, set out to vigorous complete the projects you’ve started and also to sincerely fulfill your campaign promises. Please be conscious of your tenure span and try your best to finish whatever project you commence within your time; life teaches everyday and your successor may not like the idea of a rice processing factory, do well therefore to complete what you start to avoid a waste of our resources.

Keep on thinking and acting in the best interest of the yet to arrive generation. Please pay the salaries at all levels in time as you’ve very well strived to do. Take particular interest in the civil service, they form the majority of our working population, pay them all their due as much as the available finances allows.

Truth, I don’t expect you to deliver 100% on your completion agenda, Only God can do that, but I expect you to sincerely keep at doing that. Where you cannot, please communicate to your citizens timeously on your challenges and in truth please; do not wait for the citizens to lament and the opposition to “brutely” tear down our city walls before you send a subordinate with incomplete facts to “educate” the citizens. We need no “education”, we only need the truth timely said and gracefully served.

On personnel, please get the best hands, now we trust you are free. Let us see such freedom manifest in the choices of your personnel, starting from your cabinet to the SSAs and all. Do not ignore the best hands for political smartness because the best hands on the best ploughs will make the politics of election a sane clime for most people to participate.

Too much to say, but I shall keep the remaining for our strategic meeting, Sir! Please, do make me smile. In history yet fresh, I had supported a man who played politics with everything and left no legacy at the end of his tenure, he was not a governor though. Today, I still live in regrets, I had laundered my image for his victory and I couldn’t redeem it by his performance – Once beaten twice shy; I cannot accomodate a repeat.

You stand today an unashamed Christian, please live it out in the next four years: You stand today an intellectual collosus, please let it reflect in your decisions: You stand today a man of integrity and profound standard, please let it show in the project options and their standards: You hate mediocrity, please let it show in your governance: You are well travelled and exposed, kindly let those you travel to meet now begin to travel to meet you here, whatever you see outside when you travel that excites you, bring it home for your people.

Congratulations Sir
(Please make me smile)

We shall continue to speak in truth for your governance
We need to be proud when we mention your name
Load our tongues with joys of maximum performance
And we will compose for you a song of good stewardship at every opportunity we are given
Mark your days with truth and worthy investments in Akwa Ibom’s project
And we shall be here to silence all malicious critics with the voice of reason and truth
Factless, we may say nothing!

3.0 I SHALL END HERE (Call this a footnote)

To you my dear “critic”, I celebrate you and you must know that you are not alone. Methinks it is time you really searched your heart for some fundamental answers; Why am I criticising government?

If it is for a better state – oh! go ahead but you need to seek and ask questions on the appropriate channel. Unwholesome vituperations may never get you the prize of a better state.

If it is to get the government’s attention to yoir private needs, then you are merely being selfish and egoistic.

You must learn to work in the overall interest of the state, whether you are in APC or PDP today, never forget that your APC icon today was a PDP stakeholder yesterday: if the state is at the centre of your activities, it is time to sheath your swords and then begin to say the right thing, in the right language to attract the right results for our state. A child deserves as a right, that his parents should pay his fees and give him food, but no sane child requests for such rights by shouting on the parents;

“You Lazy Daddy/mum, you’re just a clown, give me food/pay my fees”.


There is nothing more to say!

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