Atiku Blows Hot, Insists Nigeria Democracy Under Attack

Atiku Blows Hot, Insists Nigeria Democracy Under Attack.

PDP Presidential Candidate, Atiku Abubakar, together with his vice Peter Obi, were at Abuja for the State of the Nations Address. The address was chiefly filled with words that may one day save our entire nation, making reference to the persistent and recurrent challenges Nigerians faced. In making the address he stated:

“All my life I have been a Democrat and a defender of democracy. Like all men of good conscience and patriots, I believe this great challenge has imposed on us yet again , the duty to rise in peaceful defense of democracy, for which so many have laid down their lives…Yet again, our country is passing through a difficult moment. How we react to the challenge in the following days will determine the fate of democracy which has been brought to great peril by this needless crisis engineered by a government that is unwilling to subject its conduct to the requirement of the constitution”.

The public address of the incoming president further affirms his true dedication in the course of liberating every Nigerian from shackles of bad government and moving towards the right course.


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