Akpabio live and let’s live, after you’ve killed everyone who will you rule over? ~ Chief Afangide roars at Akpabio

Akpabio live and let’s live, after you’ve killed everyone who will you rule over? ~ Chief Afangide roars at Akpabio

**Says his birthday celebration is a PDP, Udom Emmanuel and a State event. Advice Akpabio not to bring his APC

**How Akpabio left in shame after attempting to kneel and beg.

After the Ritman University maiden convocation which held yesterday in the city of Ikot Ekpene, so many scenarios have occurred. But you know, one thing is sacrosanct of APC and Senator Akpabio’s supporters, they’ll always tell you the stories that best suit their collective interest. Don’t be distressed, I’ll divulge what transpired yesterday after the convocation ceremony.

Because Senator Godswill Akpabio is more interested in handing over Akwa Ibom State to APC than the collective interest of the State and her people, he has combed everywhere for a possible avenue where this insufferable mission could be accomplished.

Some other people who plotted his woes approached him in Abuja, postulating that he must not withdraw from the Essien Udim National Assembly rerun election as ordered by the Appellate Court. The psyche behind their opinion was that if he, Akpabio is grievous about collapsing the PDP’s structure in his State, he should contest and win his rerun election. They deluded him, maintaining that his popularity is the only measure which he would succeed in his quest to deliver the State to APC.

Akpabio conceding to the advice even after he had told people how satisfied he is with his Ministerial position, which automatically meant his lost of interest in the Senate race, made some steps to create awareness and to also have backing from the stakeholders of Essien Udim Local Government Area.

With the thinking in mind, he paid a solidarity visit to Chief Ernest Afangideh, the political leader of Essien Udim Local Government Area shortly after the Ritman University convocation, but the visit didn’t end well for Akpabio as he got the worst shame of his life.

Being informed that Sen. Akpabio was in his residence to see him, the Iroko of Akwa Ibom politics vociferated from his room ” Akpabio what do you want in my house, did you call me before coming? Akpabio had thought the man was joking not until he came outside to meet them. There was nothing he could do, he could not chase them away as they were already begging, he spared little of his time with them but with a condition that if truly Akpabio wants his audience, that means he, Chief Afangideh is going to choose the people who’ll join him in his sitting room. Akpabio and about five others were allowed enterance to the sitting room by him.

Others were outside like spectators waiting for the official commencement of an event. Wait a minute, five of over two hundred (213) people that went with Akpabio was already a failed mark.

Sen. Akpabio when given the audience to state his purpose for the visit, pleaded with Chief Afangideh that his Senatorial ambition should be supported. He continued by telling Chief Affangideh all that he has done for him and his family, this angered the Chief who told him to keep quiet.

The Political Leader who didn’t want Akpabio to go further, rebuked him maintaining that he has done nothing for him since he returned from Lagos in 2004. He states the numerous things he himself has done for Akpabio, proving that without him singlehandedly taking Akpabio round the 31 LGA’s of the State canvassing for supports in 2006, Akpabio wouldn’t have been who he is today.

He advised Akpabio to bury his interest for the National Assembly rerun election in Essien Udim, that he should be satisfied with the Ministerial position God has endowed him with, that resigning to stand the rerun election is suicidal, because his Political career will finally be buried, and no one would be there to mourn him.

Having detected that there’s no event that would occur for the man to consent to his Senate ambition, Akpabio solicited that Chief Afangideh should order everyone in Essien Udim to support his Political son, Nse Ntuen whose State House election is coming up soon. When asked why he perceives such a mission would be possible, Akpabio maintained that the Essien Udim Local Government Secretariat was built by Nse Ntuen hence, he deserves to be returned to the House of Assembly.

Again, Chief Affangideh descended on him heavily telling him that Nse Ntuen in his entire life has done nothing for anyone in Essien Udim. He opined that Nse Ntuen who has been Chairman for two consecutive time, and subsequently a State House Member should go home, paving an avenue where another person who has not tasted power to also have a taste of it.

On the acclaimed achievements of Nse Ntuen and Akpabio in Essien Udim, he laughed stating that all those things were done by the then PDP government(s). He asked, Akpabio what have you really done since you left to APC? Akpabio ascertaining the fact that he has neither done nor achieved nothing since he left to APC kept mute.

In defense of Akpabio, Chief Afangideh’s son told the Dad that he is what he is today because of Akpabio, that he should support Akpabio’s ambition because of him.

Having looked at his son carefully, Chief Afangideh gaged, concurrently stating that he made him all he is today. He maintained that while sending him to one of the best schools, he made sure he secured a job for him in London where he was doing excellently well. That him working with Akpabio while he was governor was because of his connection. To crown it all, he asked his son, “when all of you were living in the storey building I built with my money about forty years ago, where was Akpabio? You now see that I made you all that you are today? Please never in your dream should you repeat the gibberish of yours that Akpabio made you who you are”.

Akpabio been exhausted with enticing words was left with no option but to beg Chief Michael Afangideh to allow him and about 100 of his supporters attend his birthday celebration coming up in few days. In reply, Chief Afangideh told him he cannot and would never stop him from attending his birthday celebration. But while coming, he should have it in his mind that his birthday celebration is a Gov. Udom Emmanuel, PDP, Essien Udim and Akwa Ibom State event. That the choice is left for him to make, if to attend or not. He ordered them to leave that there was a meeting in church he must attend.

While leading Akpabio out of the sitting room, he behold Emmanuel Inyangetor who was waiting outside for Akpabio. He yelled at him, saying that he was the one shooting gun and threatening to kill people for Akpabio during the election in Essien Udim.

Akpabio denied sending Emma Inyangetor or any other person to shoot or threaten anyone during the elections. Emma Inyangetor who drew closer to defend himself in an arrogant manner fled from being hit with a staff by the Chief.

Mr. Uduak Udoudo, a former Personal Assistant to Sen. Akpabio didn’t have a dissimilar share of the hot cake. Chief Afangideh said to him, ” You were staying in my estate where every other persons paid N800,000 yearly. Because you’re from Essien Udim where I come from, I told you to pay me N500,000 yearly but at this, you were still unable to meet up. When Akpabio defected, you went around telling people, and even went to radio stations to say that I am no longer the Political Leader of Essien Udim, all because I refused joining Akpabio in APC. You said all kind of things against me. For labelling such insults on an old man who once fed you when you had nothing to eat, clothed when you had no clothes, accommodated you when you had nowhere to go. I have cursed you”.

Uduak Udoudo knelt to apologise, begging for forgiveness. Akpabio seeing this also attempted kneeling before the Political Leader, but he screamed at him. ” Akpabio don’t try it. If you kneel before me, I’m not going to carry you up. You are going to kneel here till eternity”.

He further asked, ” Akpabio what if you had succeeded in killing everyone during the elections, would you be here today begging for supports ahead of the Essien Udim elections? Akpabio, live and let’s live”.

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