Airport Breach of Protocol: APC and Lies are inseparable

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Airport Breach of Protocol: APC and Lies are inseparable

The statement by the state chairman of the APC attempting to explain the ugly incident that happened during the First Lady’s visit to uyo is a futile attempt at fact twisting and blame allocation. Coming 72 hours after the ignoble event, Akwa Ibom people were expectant of an apology.

The fist thing that is obvious in the statement is the clear admittance by its signatory(certainly not the author)that he is relying on a reported account of the incident. He however failed or neglected to state whose account that was(but discerning minds know).

The statement that the First Lady of the country, Her Excellency, Hajia Aisha Buhari was not a guest of the State government, is again another signpost to the annoying illiteracy or irredeemable mischief abiding cozily in the APC. State Protocol demands that during visits of the President or his wife to any state, the first family of the state, or a very high ranking government official( where the governor or his wife is unavailable) will receive them, avail them protocol, logistics and security support till they depart. This situation applies even to former Heads of state. Therefore even if the Nation’s First Lady was an indigene of our state and was visiting to attend her brother’s wedding or their family meeting(as private as that could be),the same protocol will apply. What the APC may not be aware of, or may not be willing to reveal is the fact the the office of the First Lady officially

communicated to the government of Akwa Ibom State, notifying the later of the Former’s proposed visit and reminding of the usual protocol and logistics demands of such visits. Being in receipt of the communication, the Secretary to the State Government, made the necessary provisions available to the wife of the Governor, Her Excellency, Mrs Martha Udom Emmanuel, who was to receive Mrs Buhari, on behalf of the Governor, who as at that time was in a meeting with the President.

To state that the Office of the First Lady of the country sought and obtained the permission of Mrs Unoma Akpabio( a wife of a Senator) to allow the First Lady of a state to receive the First Lady of Nigeria, is very obnoxious, repugnant and illogical. That someone could pen such imbecilic thoughts for public consumption is expository to the all time low that APC has dragged serious public discourse to. The allegation that Mrs Emmanuel did not arrive the airport early is laughable, as video evidence which has already gone viral shows that long before the plane arrived, Mrs Akpabio obviously yet to recover from Post Power Withdrawal Syndrome(PPWS),more than three years after her reign, had tactfully arranged her supporters (adorned in uniforms)around the tarmac and were dancing around singing abusive songs against Mrs Emmanuel, while our elegant and well cultured First Lady simply sat in her vehicle observing the show of shame. Hours before then, information had filtered out that the plan was for Mrs Akpabio to lead her band of women to jeer at the Governor’s wife upon her arrival at the airport, in the hope that she will be

angered enough to leave the airport, so that Mrs Akpabio can stand in and receive the First Lady and blackmail the Governor’s wife as being against the First Lady and the state government as being Anti-Buhari. As usual, Mrs Martha Emmanuel exhibited maturity and managed the situation well. As soon as the plane conveying Mrs Buhari arrived and was taxing to park, video evidence captures Mrs Akpabio racing towards the plane and positioning herself by the door of the aircraft. Whereas the advance team of the Presidential spouse having arrived a day earlier had been working and communicating with the protocol and security team of Akwa Ibom state Government. At the appropriate time, Mrs Martha Emmanuel headed to the reception point, but was resisted by the lousy supporters of Mrs Akpabio and her security. It took the intervention of the State Director of SSS, who stated the obvious, that it was the duty of the Governor’s wife to receive the First Lady, Hajia Buhari.

A juxtaposition of the personality trait of the two Akwa Ibom women involved in the incident will show different and varying results- a state First Lady, Martha, who though emanating from royalty and endowed with a noble heritage, offers respect to traditional rulers,religious leaders, elders and everyone who interacts with her. You will see a First Lady who understands her role as a wife to the Governor and not an alternate or deputy Governor. A First Lady who will not take it upon herself to lock up the office of a sacked SSG, or insult clergymen in their churches ; not one interested in the crass conversion of public resources to private wealth or a de facto commissioner of Environment. Mrs Martha Udom Emmanuel is simply graceful and in a class of nobility, which has been the nature of the noble ladies who performed the role of First Lady, like Late Obonganwan Imo Isemin and Late Nnenyin Alison Attah. In the entire history of our state, even while we were a part of Cross River state, no First Lady(serving or past) has been as rancorous and meddlesome as Mrs Unoma Akpabio, in and out of office. That is certainly not a good enough example for Mrs Emmanuel to follow.

We suggest that a psychiatric examination be carried out on the Warsaw General and his spouse to debrief them on how to behave post power. We know that though the physical siren had stopped, but the mental siren is still blaring in their heads- the reason they act the way they do. We are really wondering when they, who had issues with the physical age of PMB and the age of his ideas, became lovers of Buhari. We urge the president and his handlers to deal circumspectly with these people who see life from two spectacles only, power and comedy. Their antecedent in double speak and flip, will make a good reasearch area for a doctoral thesis. These are people who literally worshipped the ground that the Jonathan’s walked on. In 2014, they did more eye service to President Jonathan and wife than they are doing to PMB and spouse.

We urge the APC to go to the political field and shop for votes instead of wasting time and resources to blackmail the Governor to the President and Presidency. Elections will hold at the units and not at the villa. We are glad that this archaic spin came dead on arrival, as Nigerians had already known the truth and stated their position, via various media.

Comrade Ini Ememobong
State Publicity Secretary
People’s Democratic Party

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