By Mbosowo Essien

Convincingly speaking, stories of medical scan to authenticate the sex of children yet to be born by pregnant women being the reverse has of recent inundated many expectant families.

And presently to avert the furtherance of this misnomer, pregnant mothers these days when preparing for the arrival of their baby(babies)takes the two sexes into consideration in order not to goof, since scanning in most cases jumps the bail.

Definitely, this later act is looking beyond the fence.

The misconception of Aniekan Uko coming to distort the zoning system in Ibesikpo Asutan with his second term aspiration has become superfluous in the cyberspace and other foras.

But since everyone is entitled to his or her opinion either good or bad,castigating the advocates of this wrong notion is uncalled for.

But the bitter truth is that they have failed to look beyond the fence to see the benefits of a member returning for a second term.

The cerebral lawmaker in his astuteness is only coming to add value to the existing zoning and not to distort as claimed.

Take it or leave it, he may not be a saint since he is human.

But definitely,for the over two years running, his representation in lawmaking, oversight functions and human empowerment has been superp and quite recommendable.

Love him or hate him, not even his die-hat critics can take this away from him. He has remained dogged, focused, resolute and consistent in the gap for Ibesikpo Asutan State Constituency as a first timer, and we need no soothsayer to re-affirm that his second coming will be a mega-blessing to his people.

As a public commentator, I make bold to say that his bills, motions as well as the issues he has raised in the floor of the hallow chamber of AKHA, has singled him out as a genius.

It took John the Baptist to prepare the way for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Without the selling out, castigation and punishment Joseph received from his brothers, the famine that engulfed Israelite in Egypt, his family including his father would have been the worst hit.

It takes one to begin what others will come to enjoy later. In the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, ask Etinan,Abak,Nsit Ibom and others how it began, but they are now beneficiaries.

Even in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, second term has never been a taboo for lawmakers contrary to insinuations.

As Avid watchers of the political space in Akwa Ibom, as we speak, Akwa Ibom North /East (Uyo) senatorial District and Akwa Ibom South /West (Ikot Ekpene) senatorial District are good to go and since no one has jumped into the lagoon, methinks we should not be the first to.

Before I reserve my ink for for another round, it is pertinent we retrogress from this in-house fighting, campaign of calumny and cheap political blackmail but rather join the train for IBOROAKAM 2019, a tested and trusted deal.

By this, our much talked about zoning will be “valued loaded” and our generations yet unborn will be glad we did.

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