A’Ibom Politics: Aniekan Bassey the Representative Uruan State Constituency needs again.

Representation involves so many attributes and qualities, this is one important aspect that intending lawmakers should first consider first before jumping to vie for the position of Representatives or lawmakers as the case may be.

A true representative is one that can speak for his people at all times and shall speak the mind of his people at any point in time. A representative shall have the leadership qualities of humility, accessibility and transparency, above all,he must be a Servant Leader to his people.

One outstanding gentleman I have seen In the present crop of House of Assembly members or representatives in Akwa Ibom State is the vibrant representative for the good people of Uruan State Constituency in the Sixth assembly, Hon. Aniekan Bassey.

In my little encounter with this amazing lawmaker of class,I have come to realize that representative has phases and indeed there are many kinds of representatives, some with leadership potentials and some with capacity to perform excellently well, among the two categories,Mr Aniekan Bassey has the two qualities.

Some years ago,when i went to the free medical program of the astute lawmaker,one of my staffers was forced to ask me, is this really the member representing Uruan State Constituency? I laughed and I could not blame him for his curiosity. Of course no one won’t ask this question. This is one representative that drives his car by himself,he does not need any police officer and he does not tint his car, this will make that innocent staff of mind to be curious and ask such question because we are use to lawmakers or public office holders in this part of the world go around with a good number of security men,tint their cars,move in convoy and even to drive his own car is a big sin,but here is one man that will not seen his office as anything but will humble himself to the last point and ensure he serves his people with all his heart.

Representative Aniekan Bassey is undoubtedly of the most performing lawmakers in the current sixth assembly. His contributions to the issues raised in the floor of the house is indeed uncommon, his contributions always makes his colleagues to be proud of him. It is on record that his bill was the first to be read in the floor of the house in year 2015 which was to regulate the price of House rents in the State and other matters therewith. This pragmatic lawmaker has not been found wanting in his duties as the representative of Uruan State Constituency.

In the area of human empowerment, this is one area that he has distinguished himself among so many other public office holders in the State. As a seasoned entrepreneur, Mr Bassey has engaged Uruan youths in so many entrepreneurial programs which has made them to earn a living not begging for a living. This outstanding feat has mad him to be celebrated across the state for his vision. I am a witness to the training of over 500 youths in skills acquisition. When I visited the training ground for this Uruan youths I was shocked to see that a good number of Uruan youths were able to do so many things like sewing, paint making and the likes with their bare hands, this is indeed an unprecedented achievement of the Uruan representative. I can boldly say that those youths trained are today meaningfully engaged and they have been able to make a living out of the training representative Aniekan Bassey sponsored for their use and with their sagacity and commitment shown, I can vogue that soon Uruan shall be an industrial hub in Nigeria.

Another touching and Interesting area the Uruan representative has touched is the ensuring of good health of his people. He has sponsored a free medical training in for his people of Adadia community which so many constituents of Uruan trooped in to have their medical attention. This special program made me to salute this twenty first century representative as a good number of Uruan people were saved from ailments that they were ignorant of, but through this people oriented leadership and representation, so many lives were saved. Thereafter the Uruan representative sponsored some of his constituents for operation which they were transferred from the community to a bigger hospital which they were treated and given proper medical attention and consequently, those constituents of Mr Aniekan Bassey have good and sound health courtesy of the super representation of the Uruan lawmaker.

It is on record that the Uruan representative has supported two indigenes of Uruan youths to have a successful football career out side the country ,a rare feat in this part of the world. He has also sponsored over 1000 Uruan youths on Computer based test for JAMB,this singular program has today given Uruan State Constituency a place as many of their youths have gotten admissions with good result through the training representative Aniekan Bassey gave to them. It is also on record that Uruan had an unprecedented record of having a high number of success in external exams through the visionary representation of Mr Aniekan Bassey.

So far,it could be said that Uruan State Constituency have been blessed with an amazing and pragmatic representative in the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly in the person of Hon Aniekan Bassey. As 2019 beckons, it is very clear that the people of the constituency shall need a credible voice and capacity representative like Hon .Aniekan Akpan to return and continue in his wonders to be a good representative to his people.

By Abasiama Etukakpan, Uyo

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