A’Ibom Commissioner, Victor Antai and the viewing centres.

Rt Hon Victor Antai and the viewing centres.

R-L Hon. Monday Eyo Okon, Member Representing Uyo State Constituency, Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, Hon. Mark Esset, Member Nsit Atai and Rt. Hon. Victor Antai, Commissioner Culture and Tourism, Akwa Ibom State at Ibom Plaza viewing Center


Effective leadership guarantees joy and affection amongst the people at all levels. The good people of A’Ibom State are yet to be shortchanged in that department since he took office as the Hon. Commissioner for Culture and Tourism.

Crowd at the Viewing Centre yesterday, Ibom Plaza, Akwa Ibom State

The State have on numerous occasions recorded monumental strides in showcasing the very enviable culture and exquisite traditions of our people. Usoro uso hit the airwaves, colour me orange was phenomenal that even got former Vice President and Presidential hopeful Alhaji Atiku Abubakar keying in. Then ukapisua had a volcanic eruption with the spewing lava still having it’s heartfelt effect with A’Ibom now being the most seek after tourism haven.


“Nda, do you know why countries hustle to host World Cup and other big sporting events”, he had queried me,

” My boss, asides the joy and infrastutural development it brings to people, it also provides jobs for both the skilled and unskilled workers since constructions will be embarked on”, I’d answered.

” You’re right, but there is something you’re leaving out”, he carefully asserted.

Hanging out with Rt Hon Victor Antai, one must strive to continually be at the top of one’s game. He is endowed with great intelligence with a very broad horizon. So, I knew I was not far away from striking the cord he was looking for.


” Hon, it also inadvertedly boost the economy of the people as trading from small and medium scale business will enjoy a upliftment. We all know that the significance of micro economics can’t be overemphasized “, I quickly interjected.

A wry smile which could be mistaken for a smirk danced around his lips, phew! I immediately knew that I’d struck that key 🔑 and was feeling cool 😎 with myself.

” Nda when people gather in large numbers, economic activities must take place. It puts money into the ordinary person’s pocket while catching fun”, he had lectured.

” Do you have the faintest idea of how many bags of sachet water will be sold? “, he asked.

I was forced to look at the crowd, I quickly did a mental picture of this mammoth crowd across the entire State, all to the genius ability of this man. I was forced to think about the groundnuts that will be sold at these venues, not to think about the suya and shayo that will naturally go together. I had taken into cognisance the number of recharge vouchers (recharge cards) that would be sold at these venues.

A pleasant picture of happy family kept playing in my memory and I immediately remembered when he told me that he was going to make A’Ibom people happy.

Is this man not a genius?
He is an inspiration to people.

These viewing centers are scattered around the entire state in very hospitable locations with serene security guaranteed.

A very good friend of mine once asked,

” Nda Pato, why do you love Victor Antai this much? ”

The answer was as easy as asking me what my name is.

“A man who is always thinking about the wellbeing his people will always rank top on my chart”, I had blurted.

Little wonder why people troop around him. I tell you, even his most hardened critics can’t argue that.

The seemingly tiny little things we do have a monumental lasting effect on the people, this is no rocket science.

God bless Rt Hon Victor Antai

(C) Patryk Edeke

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