– First, troops are mysteriously withdrawn from Dapchi exposing an all-girls school to predators;

– Then ‘terrorists’ kidnap 110 girls in an incredibly familiar way no sane person could have imagined will be repeated so uncannily;

– The day after, Buhari sends, not the military but his chief propagandist, Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed to Dapchi;

– Later, the Military is deployed to the extent that the Chief or Air Staff and several Staff relocate to Maiduguri to coordinate search operations involving large numbers of air assets flying hundreds of hours of sorties, yet no girls were seen;

– Then Buhari visits Dapchi and unbelievably (and needlessly) compares his govt’s reaction to this kidnap with Jonathan’s to Chibok thereby setting the stage for a propaganda blitz;

– Days later, the Defence Minister strangely sets a definite time when the girls will be returned;

– Then one morning, ‘terrorists’ drove in several Hiluxes into a heavily guarded Nigerian town and deposited the girls and drove out without engagement by the military WHEN THEY WERE LEAVING. While this was going on, journalists were kept out of the town by the military but a video clip of the incident show a town hailing the ‘terrorists’ rapturously. If the terrorists were Boko Haram, then they have scored a major psychological victory today. A VERY major one.

PS: Very interesting drama, very very captivating. We’re waiting for the denouement and epilogue which will explain how everything transpired.

And then, like Nollywood movies go, maybe we will see a scrolling script ‘To God be the glory’ or probably ‘To Buhari be the glory’.

How to know if the whole thing was a stunt like EFCC’s N49m ‘abandoned’ cash at Kaduna Airport? Simple. Just monitor the level of propaganda this govt and her supporters will milk from this ‘return’. There’s a simple gauge: the higher the propagandic spin, the greater the likelihood that the whole mess was arranged or ‘allowed to happen’ to glorify a failed govt. And vice-versa.

For the five dead children, for the first time in my life, I pray they do NOT rest in peace, at least not yet. My prayer is that as their young lives were cut short, may their spirits be restless and angry enough to cut short a sufficient number of the lives of the families of those who by omission or commission, directly and indirectly had ANYTHING whatsoever do with their kidnap and untimely death. Do not spare them, lay them low, cause their destruction in whichever way until you’re sufficiently avenged. Amen.

In all of these, my deepest sympathies go to the poor and downtrodden in this country who are only good to be used as props for power, as pawns in a game of power-chess, as excuses for power-grab and as justification for power-lust by the heartless elite.

NB: Some curiosities though –
i) Who actually took those girls? To the best of my knowledge, Boko Haram never claimed responsibility, no videos, no word, nothing.
ii) If any of the sects did, how much did the govt pay for the girls? Were any terrorists released in exchange?
iii) Has govt started drawing down the $1bn proposed for arms purchase?

Nigeria is in the grip of very desperate bloodthirsty demons. May God deliver her.

By Ikechukwu Ob

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