“Blessed are those who do not see but they believe” – Anonymous
By our Reporter

In life, there are several categories of people when it comes to issues of believing. There are those who believe whatever they are told even when they have not seen or feel the evidence and they wish others the very best of life. They are also those who will never believe until they see even when the evidences are overwhelming and they never wish others well.

The second set look for occasion to cause someone’s downfall and they spread the Pull-him-down-syndrome. I am sure if you read your bible very well, you will remember the story of Thomas who never believed our Lord Jesus had resurrected from the dead. When he was told that Jesus had visited already, the young man swore by his life that such cannot happen. To clear his doubts, our Lord Jesus appeared to him but he refused to believe. He had to dip his finger inside the hole on Jesus’ palm to be sure it was true.

Why I brought this story up is because certain persons had constituted themselves into modern day Thomases swearing that Hon. Aniekan Bassey, Member representing Uruan State Constituency is a failure already and that they have not seen any tangible project he has attracted or sponsored in Uruan. Ever since certain aspirants declared intention to take over from Aniekan Bassey, the public space especially the online media has been awash with all kinds of articles in a bid to denigrate the person and office of the House Member. While some chose to call him a greedy politician whose business is to build only hotels, others say, he has totally failed to represent Uruan very well. As Media Consultant to Hon. Bassey, I found these comments insulting and another attempt at Pulling Aniekan down because these things were blatant lies.

I personally created an online page called Hon. Aniekan Bassey Official Facebook Page where all his activities are posted and sometimes he interacts with his constituents. Sometimes, I make use of newspaper publications, TV, Radio and other means of spreading news. Yet these Pharisees (Far to See What Aniekan is doing) and Sadduces {Sad to see what Aniekan is doing} have not seen anything good in what Hon. Aniekan has done as a lawmaker. All they see is failure Given that all their life’s journey has been bedevilled with negative happenings, near-success syndrome and failures; they feel it is the same for everyone.

Because of their baseless, jaundiced and myopic assessment, they constituted themselves into party congress and concluded that Aniekan was not sellable candidate for second term; therefore he should not bother re-contesting because there are better options.
Let me state here without sounding immodest that in saner political climes, election into any political office is based on capacity to deliver democratic dividend to those you want to represent and not on who you know or the amount of grammar you can speak. If capacity is the benchmark to judge a lawmaker’s performance, I therefore give it to Hon. Aniekan Bassey having done well for his people. The basic function of a lawmaker is to make law and attract development to his constituency through advocacy, lobby and other means. The Uruan Lawmaker deserves a pat on the back for he has done well even to warrant an automatic ticket for second term.

But for the doubting Thomases whose stock in trade is to pull people down, they have not seen a single project that Aniekan has done. The list of Uruan Lawmaker’s track record remains endless and unbeatable. He was the first lawmaker in the 6th Assembly to present a Bill for a Law to provide for regulations of rents for premises, recovery of premises and for matters connected therewith.

This Bill was highly applauded by colleagues as it would help the poor in terms of rents payment. He also present a matter of urgent public importance on the murder of Daniel Bassey Solomon from Ifiayong Usuk on the floor of the House whose case is being vigorously pursued in court; the need for Akwa Ibom State Government’s Involvement in Agricultural Value Chain to Ensure Sustainable Food Security and improve Foreign Earning and the need to curb the invasion/annexation of Uruan LGA by marauding militants from Cross River state. Bills he co-sponsored includes Bill to protect the Physically Challenged Persons against all forms of Discrimination, Bill to establish Constituency Projects Development Fund, Bill to establish Building and civil engineering construction Materials Quality and Control Centre, Bill to establish Akwa Ibom State Utility Infrastructure Management and Compliance Agency, Bill to establish Akwa Ibom State Social Housing Scheme and Bill to establish Akwa Ibom State Youth Development Fund.

Doubting Thomases, other legislative engagements of Hon Bassey includes leading the House Committee on Works and Transport to erosion sites at Ndon Ebom, Mbiakong Bridge, Ibiaku Uruan, Issiet Road and Beach Market. This visit facilitated the award of contracts to fix erosion sites and construct beach market road. As Chairman House Services Committee, he facilitated the renovation of the Assembly Chapel, VIP Lounge, Conference Hall and the General Reception. He also brought innovation into the cleaning services of the Assembly.

This has ensured general maintenance culture and cleanliness of the Assembly Complex. Did I mention that Hon. Aniekan was Chairman House Services Committee, Deputy Leader of the House and was member and Vice Chairman to several other committees? The doubting Thomases will say that the above are not the major reasons why he was sent to the House of Assembly.

Relax because you gradually eat a hot soup.
In terms of project, let me also say that Hon. Aniekan has done well. He left no one in doubt that Uruan must come first in everything. He attracted, sponsored and facilitated projects such as Renovation of Town Hall at Ekim Enen, Renovation of Town Hall at Use Uruan, Installation of 300KVA Electricity Transformer at Ikot Inyang Esuk Central 3, Installation of Electricity Transformer at Afaha Ikot Issiet, South 2, Renovation of 4 Classroom Blocks at Ikpa Uruan North 1, Facilitated the upgrading of Nung Ikono Ufok Village Market, Construction of 6 Classroom Blocks at Akan Obio Uruan, Provided relief materials and cash to two warring communities (Anakpa and Nna Enin) to help resettle them. There are some electricity projects that are on-going covering more than 4 villages still to the credit of the lawmaker. Doubting Thomases would do themselves a lot of good by visiting these projects than living in self-denial and incur the wrath of beneficiaries of these projects. The good thing about projects is that they do not lie.

In the area of business and other support, Hon. Aniekan has provided N25,000 grant each to 25 women in Uruan for trading purposes, Provided 300 nos wrappers to widows across Uruan Nation, Has 15 Uruan Youths on Monthly payroll, Facilitated the employment of 18 Uruan indigenes at Seven Energy, an Oil Servicing Firm in the state, Provided succour to the victims of Adadia Beach market attack by dare devil robbers on 11th September, 2015 by offsetting their hospital bills with five of them having gun-shot wounds, Provided Fishing Canoes and Nets to Ime Alhadji from Nna Enin and Effiong Nnah from Nung Oku, Supported Linus, a poultry farmer from Akpa Utong with 100 birds to boost his business.

Educationally, Hon. Aniekan has proven that education is a worthy legacy to bequeath the next generation if society is to develop. In this regard, he Organized Jamb CBT Tutorials for Jamb Students from Uruan, He has scores of Uruan children on scholarship and mentorship in different tertiary institutions, Bought 62 Jamb forms for Uruan students, Provided Exam Allowances to 60 2016 Uruan Jamb Students, For the first time, Uruan students recorded 90% pass in Jamb Exams and Paid for Computer Training for more than 1500 Uruan Youths.
Given the fact that health is wealth, Hon Aniekan spent more than 10 million naira is sponsorship of a 4-Day Free Health Care Service with 5,220 persons attended to medically.


The exercise saw the treatment of scores for various eye issues and distribution of 662 lenses, 300 dental surgeries and treatment, 73 general surgeries, Did enlightenment on Lassa Fever to schools in Uruan and entered into retainership with Anua Hospital for treatment of his constituents.

It may interest doubting Thomases that 55 Uruan indigenes were sponsored by Hon. Aniekan in skills acquisition in the area of paints production, fashion and designing, catering services, beads, shoes and bag making, and computer training, etc. Aniekan also promoted sports development through sponsoring an Under 14 Uruan Team that produced promising football stars, Sponsored three Uruan sons to further their footballing career – they are Godwin Okon Edet from Ekpene Ukim, George Effiong Asuquo from Ikot Udo in Europe and Prince Nyong from Nna Enin Central Uruan who plays for a first Division side in Togo. He also sponsored the Uruan Football Team that came second in the 2016 Akwa Ibom State FA Cup Competition. He also sponsored the election of FA members of Uruan Football Association, etc. Truth is, this listed achievement does not include the ones he Aniekan did without knowing he did such.
Are the doubting Thomases also aware that the only oil company Monipulo presently operating in Adadia Uruan, had the full support of Aniekan Bassey in terms of certain logistics before they finally berthed?

He went on his way to ensure they met with His Excellency and got all the necessary approvals and waivers. I can go on and on to enumerate the things Aniekan has done for Uruan people but time and space will fail me.
Hon. Aniekan knows that courage is not developed by being happy everyday but by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity. That is why despite all the distractions from doubting Thomases and those who want his job through the back door, he has kept his head above the waters ensuring that Uruan gets nothing but the best. Let it be known by doubting Thomases that a people that do not appreciate and celebrate their own would soon settle for mediocrity and believe any lie. They will be counted among those who kill their prophets instead of honouring them.

As God would have it, the portion of the bible that says a prophet is without honour safe in his own home was countered on April 12, 2018. The event was the constituency briefing/empowerment of Hon. Aniekan Bassey. The event tagged ‘Showcasing Democratic Dividend in Uruan’ was a day Uruan and Akwa Ibom stood still for Aniekan Bassey. The crowd was unprecedented, the planning was superb and the speakers at the event shamed and silenced doubting Thomases who rejoiced that the briefing was never going to hold. Beginning from the Governor of the state, Deacon Udom Emmanuel, Chairman on the occasion, Prince Godwin Ntuk Udek PHD a son of Uruan Inyang Atakpo, Speaker Onofiok Luke, PDP Chairman Obong Paul Ekpo, Member Representing Uyo Federal Constituency, Hon. Mike Enyong, Chairman of Uruan LGA Rt Hon. Isaiah Udofia, Political Leader of Uruan, Prince Ekpe Atakpo, Rt. Hon. Usenobong Akpabio, a former two-term House Member to the last person who spoke at the event, it was encomium and endorsement galore for the man who proved that a leader can be selfless for the sake of his people.

For justifying the mandate bestowed on him by his people the State Governor Deacon Udom Emmanuel represented by Special Duties and Housing Commissioner, Mr Akan Okon praised Aniekan’s sterling performance and described the Empowerment Programme as a show of love and gratitude to his people. Speaker Onofiok Luke called on Uruan people to ensure the re-election of Hon. Aniekan Bassey, saying he has not failed in his legislative duties but has justified the confidence reposed in him by the people. PDP Chairman Obong Paul Ekpo particularly praised Hon. Aniekan Bassey for not disappointing the Party and for reaching out to his people.

Uruan Chairman Rt. Hon. Henry Isaiah described the tenure of Hon. Aniekan Bassey as people oriented, stressing that the Lawmaker make has improved upon the achievements of his predecessors since assumption of office. Former Member Uruan State Constituency, Rt. Hon. Usenobong Akpabio resolved to support Hon Aniekan Bassey come 2019 but urged him to do more to win more of the people. The issue of who would fly the Party’s flag to the House of Assembly come 2019 was put to rest as speaker after speaker endorsed Hon. Aniekan for another term. The endorsement came not by sitting idle or developing only self or a section of Uruan. It came as a result of hard work, people-centered development and put Uruan first in all things.

The said event saw empowerment of more than 500 persons while the more than 3000 who attended the event had food, water, drinks and transport to go back home. In all, Hon. Aniekan Bassey in addition to what he has done before now, presented 11 nos saloon cars, 11 Mini Buses, 25 Motor Cycles, 12 Sewing machines, 2 Vulcanizing Machines, 1 Grass Cutting Machine, 12 Hair Dryers, 20,000 each to 100 students, 20,000 to Women, Grant to 110 Youths, Business support to 160 House 2 House Canvassers, 12 barbing Saloon kits, 13 Generating set, 4 Deep Freezers and Complete band set, etc.

This for me is but the beginning of good things to happen to Uruan Inyang Atakpo. Like the Americans would say, ‘you aint seen anything yet’. If all that has been said here concerning the achievements of Hon. Aniekan are false, I challenge the doubting Thomases to organize a fact finding tour to ascertain the veracity and status of these projects. I will foot the bill of the said tour. If what Aniekan has show-cased is false, we shall concede to the doubting Thomases and pay any agreed fine for lying. But if all what has been presented is true, then the doubting Thomases will forever hold their peace, pay an agreed fine and be publicly ridiculed. I know that they cannot take this challenge because are just being mischievous, wicked, and callous and out to pull down others. Because Uruan people have spoken concerning Aniekan’s return to the Assembly, it behooves all to come together, get their PVCs and support Deacon Udom Emmanuel succeed again so that the deluge of projects executed in Uruan can be quadrupled. Let God be the Judge

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